What do the Statistics say about Mobile App Development Growth in 2023

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The year 2022 is soon going to end. Businesses are putting effort into getting a stronger foothold in this competitive market. Particularly, the digital-first technologies ecosystem encourages tech leaders to keep innovating in mobile technologies. It has broadened the scope for numerous opportunities, enabling businesses to grow.

The mobile app development market is no different and has made spectacular growth with the continuously increasing demand for mobility solutions and the need for everything at your fingertips. Even the trend for iOS and Android App Development Services is promising and indicates a healthy graph.

Here are statistics that establish the requirement for innovation in the mobile app industry.

Smartphone User Base

According to a study, there’s good growth in the number of smartphone users, which is about 0.3-0.6 billion per year, since inception of smartphones. From 3.6 billion smartphone users in 2016 to 6.6 billion users in 2022, the numbers are expected to rise to 7.7 billion by 2027. In fact, smartphone user growth from 2016 to 2022 has been marked by 10.4% annual growth. Talking about the global marketplace, Android users govern the market with 72.2% of its share. Additionally, the demand for cross-platform apps has driven the chances of stupendous growth for every App Development Company in India.

Mobile App Development & Download Statistics

Now, let’s move to the statistics of the mobile app industry. When discussing the data, the concept of Android and iOS apps along with Google Play Store and App Store must not be ignored. Therefore, here starting with what the statistics say about them:

Google Play Store

Having a query in mind and smartphone in hand, what is the first thing we do? We instantly open Google and search for the accurate answer. In this digital age, Google has emerged as the most trusted and widely used platform across the globe; for a basic query, people switch to Google. In the first quarter survey of the year 2022, the community reckoned over 2.65 million Android apps with 494K+ publishers in the Google Play Store alone.

Regardless of the fact that Google is removing low-quality and spamming apps from the Play Store, the number of applications on the store is increasing day by day. As per the survey, every day approximately 3739 new mobile apps are updated in the Google Play Store. With this remarkable figure, Google Play stands out to be the world’s largest mobile app store.

Additionally, the latest app download rate has been registered at around 111.3 billion, showing a 50% increase over the 2016 app download rate.

App Store

A competitor to Google Play Store, Apple App Store is the second largest app store with a regionally diverse user base. At present, App Store houses around 2.11 million iOS mobile apps with 724K+ publishers worldwide. Out of the total number of iOS apps in the Apple App Store, the major share is of gaming apps, which accounts for approximately 221,666, rest are non-gaming apps.

The figures discussed till now is about the present statistics. Let’s see what factors will be affecting the mobile app development industry.

Mobile App Growth Affecting Factors 2023

The average person spends 4 hours and 23 minutes per day checking their smartphones. However, with the widespread usage of various apps, smartphone usage time is expected to increase by 4 hours 35 minutes by 2023.

But what factors influence users and encourage them to spend pretty higher much more time on their mobile apps? Knowing this, you will have a better insight into the mobile app development industry and can get ideas to improve the productivity of your iOS and Android App Development Services.

Before that, learning about mobile app retention rate is equally important because it is an element that defines the success of an app. The mobile app retention rate is calculated through the number of users that continue using the application after it has been installed. The greater the number of users, the higher the mobile app user retention rate. The retention rate is basically calculated for a 30-day cycle after a user installs the app on his/her mobile device.

Engaging Mobile App UI/UX Designs

UI/UX element in mobile app development is the most volatile trend in the industry, especially when the designs have significantly advanced over the recent past. But UI/UX is the major factor critical in deciding the success of your mobile apps. Better UI/UX design ensures the best user experience and maximum user retention.

Superior Performance

Your app’s performance is another significant factor you must consider to increase your user-retention rate. It is measured in terms of speedy and crash-free operations that allow users seamless app usage. In this competitive app market, mobile app users want applications that regularly release new version updates, provide a gratifying user experience, and meet all their requirements.

Platform Dedicated Audience

Both Android and iOS operating systems have huge audience counts by region. It is attributed to the successful user base retention rate. Therefore, it is important to select your app development platform wisely. Also, there are separate costs for Android and iOS app development, and rates for the latter are slightly higher.

The best thing about today’s mobile app industry is that you have the option for hybrid or cross-platform app development, which you can get through a reliable company in India. This is a less expensive option when compared to native app development and allows you to earn money from all app hosting platforms.

Bottom Line

Besides the trend, there’s one more thing you need to consider to ensure the success of your app. You must partner with a top mobile app Development Company like WebMobril Technologies. They are a top mobile app development company well-versed in present stats and future trends. They are equipped with the latest tools and technologies integrated to build leading-edge applications.



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