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For the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has seen the highest demand. Despite the fact that there are millions and millions of mobile game apps available on the Play/App Store, iOS and Android Game Development companies are still interested in creating more games. This is because of the profit that the industry has earned with it.

Your game app will not be successful only by creating and releasing it on the market. The success of mobile game apps is driven by several factors.

Publishers are ready to invest to ensure their games reach the targeted audience. There are many ways of promoting games- from app store promotions to advertising on social media, etc., and you can use any of these to reach your audience. This is one of the crucial moves to ensure your game accomplishes envisioned goal. If the gamers don’t know about your game, they cannot download it or give it a chance.

Promotion doesn’t define success but impacts how well the game is perceived by the players.

Let’s look at the essential components you may incorporate into your game to help it succeed.

1. Not Premium… Keep it Freemium Version

If you try to charge players to play the game after having established a buzz around it, you might not obtain the number of downloads you were expecting. People generally enjoy “free” goods, especially when it comes to online- apps and games. We expect free access to games since we have grown accustomed to receiving online content without having to pay for it.

Another benefit of freemium is that it enables users to test new products and become acquainted with their features. When the users like the product and are interested in its advanced features, they are likely to be ready to pay for it, as they have already explored the core product for free.

As a result, when you are ready to launch your game in the market, introduce it to players as a freemium model. Allow them to become habituated to the game and its features.

2. Make Your Players Occupied

As the game offered by you is free to play, the next step is to create a community and connect the gamers. With more connections, there will be more users. Utilize the social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which have billions of users. As a result, all possible players are present in one location.

If you are able to create the ideal channel, a lot of people will see your game. To increase the game exposure, the hype around it must be intense, and everyone must talk about your game. Social media users talk about the game with their friends and pass it forward while promoting it to them. Customers trust the opinions and reviews of others before buying a product. You should not forget that social media is a product with a market.

3. Simplicity is the Best

When you are building a game, make sure you keep the mechanics of the game and interface simple. Complexity is not a good choice when constructing a game. Players looking for an effortless, simple, and interactive game. The player should be familiar with all the mechanics of the game after just a few moments of play.

Regardless of the genre of the game, creating a basic game on mobile devices is the best way to start. The games that are thought to be simple to observe reveal depth. The game should be easy to understand, and potential players must know what to expect.

4. Attractive User Interface

Do not release the game app if 50% of the players experience a crash at the start of the game. Additionally, if it takes players more than three clicks to access the game’s primary features, you need to redo the user interface as it has been screwed.

Visuals are crucial to game design and may either improve or ruin the game’s appearance. Despite the restrictions of the graphical capabilities of mobile devices, it is feasible to create beautiful visual designs. People will talk more about creativity than graphic details. Additionally, creative visuals support the marketing strategy of the game.

5. Increase the Exposure via Multiple Platforms

You need not write unique codes for the different platforms because of the reusable code component, so the program developed for one game leverages different platforms. Also, this reduces more than 70% of the development process time and helps you adhere to and abide by it before the project deadline.

It’s not a smart idea to restrict the game to a single platform. Instead, create a cross-platform game that will help with both visibility and business. It facilitates the best Android and iOS game app development. The game production company can reach more players and ultimately gain a larger market share by focusing on a variety of segments.

With the reusable code feature, software created for one game can be used for other platforms without requiring you to write separate codes for each one. Additionally, this speeds up development by more than 70% and enables you to stick to and follow through on commitments before the project’s due date.

Bottom Line

Investing in a mobile game app is itself a big decision, so before you start with iOS or Android game development, keeping up with these points will be of great help. WebMobril Gaming Studioz, a premium Game app Development Company in India, uses all the above tips to make your game a huge commercial success. They bring rich experience in developing a wide range of mobile game apps under various categories.


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