Top SEO Trends You Must Follow in 2022

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With the fast-changing landscape of search engine optimization, you need to be attentive to the trends to ace the race of ranking. Moreover, as the demand for SEO services is peaking, the algorithms are also evolving with the latest technology. When it comes to digital marketing, the year 2022 is said to be more demanding. Hence, it is crucially important to get the grip on the right strategies that will help you rule the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2022.

So here are some important SEO techniques and strategies to help you prepare for the new trends.

Voice Search

The increasing popularity of AI-powered ecosystems has fueled the popularity of voice search, and there’s no stopping for it. A study says around 58% of customers use voice search to fetch local business information.

We already have Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, playing a vital role in the daily lives of people. Many of them use an advanced speaker at home and with the feature of voice activation in almost everything from televisions to home appliances.

For SEO trends, it means businesses and marketers now need to embrace “conversation marketing” skills. For voice search, you need to create content that is more conversational in nature, with no formal structure and less emphasis on keywords. It is an opportunity to connect with customers on a more personal level.


This is another crucial element that has remained in focus last year after the launch of the new Accessibility Suite and WCAG Compliant booking pages. With swarming internet users, it becomes necessary for marketers to make their brand found by everyone- including people with visual impairments or other disabilities.

Keeping this factor in mind it becomes important to ensure your web content, services, products, and seamlessly accessible for people with disabilities. It will not only help you climb up in the ranking, but also enhance the customer experience.

From an SEO perspective, focus on providing an amazing customer experience to every user- this means improving your website’s accessibility now more than ever. Make sure all images on your page contains ALT tags so they’re readable by screen readers. Check if your website is WCAG compliant or not. You can start with small changes like color contrasts and adding subtitles to videos, it will be worth it.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a part of Google’s effort to provide quick and relevant answers to users and enhance their experience. Snippets that appear relevant to Google is displayed at the top of organic search results in different forms like answer boxes, along with ‘People also ask’ section. In several cases, it eliminates the further requirement for the user conducting the search to click-through.

Though there is no rigid way to appear in featured snippets, rich content with figures and intriguing stats might do wonders.

Speed Up

In search engine marketing, lagging in mobile and desktop page load times means you will be left behind in the competition. Even Google’s recent algorithm update has outlined page load speed as a critical factor in the ranking. A fast-loading website will boost your chances to appear on the first page, successful optimizing for featured snippets or voice search.

Be Mobile Ready

While talking about SEO trends in 2022, mobile optimization may seem old news. But there’s something new and very important to learn at this point in time. Having both desktop and mobile versions of your website, Google bot will first crawl the mobile version to decide the ranking for your website. Connect this with the fact that 90% of users access the internet on mobile phones, which makes mobile optimization an important SEO strategy in internet marketing services.

Video Content

These days, users are more inclined to visual content compared to a textual one. With apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms adopting stories creation, it’s no surprise to witness an unprecedented rise in video content. It is not just one of the latest SEO trends to must follow, but it also makes your brand look authoritative and helpful source. They perform great on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook that use the recent updates from the Google algorithm.

Page Experience

Page experience is the trend growing among online businesses for a while. This is associated with the page experience specifications that Google mentioned in their latest update. The update highlights the user experience of websites essential to rank them aptly. Google will check the core web vitals, website usability and navigation both on desktop and mobile, placement of buttons, content and more. The new update refuses to use the AMP format as a necessity for content.

Ethical Link Building

Google is very strict in regard to link schemes and is now penalizing for unethical practice. Therefore for link building, be careful of the approaches that include reciprocal link exchanges, paid links, or other non-organic link-building techniques. According to the latest update, exchanging money for links, excessive link swaps, or even large-scale guest posting campaigns are black hat SEO techniques.

To rank in the top list on Google’s search results page, you must focus on ethical means of getting quality backlinks. You can do it by creating useful content which will organically attract links.


In a nutshell, the scope of SEO services is changing and evolving. Therefore, we must embrace these trends to stay ahead and better prepared with our strategies all the time. We have already entered 2022, so it’s high time for your business to start implementing the aforesaid principles into your current marketing plan.

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