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The gaming industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the years. The field of game development has evolved in terms of graphics, network, technology augmentation and real-time performance. Earlier, there were just a few players in the market involved in designing and development; now, the market is flooded with numbers of game developers making the games reachable to more users across a wider platform.

Talking more precisely, we can say that it is the Unity game development tool that has revolutionized the industry. It is a power-packed game engine that works across different platforms and highly user-friendly to both experts and beginners. The advanced properties of this gaming engine render real-world graphics that too without taking much processing power. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is extensively popular among developers.

Still, you feel unconvinced, then take a look at the following statistics! Among the top free mobile games available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, 34% of them are made using Unity game development tools. Moreover, there are several games that reached over 500+ million gamers worldwide and the number is increasing steadily. But one interesting thing to know is, these games are build using Unity gaming platforms. Hence, undoubtedly Unity is the most preferred engine in the market for game development.
Now let’s take a peek into what makes Unity Game Development a preferable choice.

Ten Advantages of Unity Game Development

Free to Use Platform

Unity offers a free as well as a pro version with several features attached to it. To begin your journey, you can choose the free version and get the major gaming features highlights. When you want to go a level up, use distinct focal points with the pro-version to develop games with high-end features like sound channel, 3D composition booster, feature playback etc. Unity game development allows all types of developers to create full-fledged version games without having to pay costs of any kind.

Multiple Platforms Benefits

Certainly, it is one of the foremost reasons, why Unity is every game developer’s choice. It allows building, managing, and deploying games cross-platform, which means the developers are free to use multiple platforms- over 25 large platforms spanning across mobile, PC, console, television and more recently AR and VR too- to render the game. The ease and flexibility in Unity make game development so exciting and refreshing.

Unity Developer Community
Developing a game requires lots of brainstorming and creativity, but it could be tricky as well. At times, an extra brain is needed to navigate the problems, and a community of developers can help way better. This is an added advantage of using Unity game development, it offers uninterrupted support and assistance through the Unity Developer Community. Any developer can come to this common place and share their challenges and suggestions for improving the system. They can make familiarity with the engine in no time.

The Asset Store

Game developers get a huge asset store with Unity where they can find their entire gaming requirements. It helps developers to seamlessly create games, without getting stuck while creating characters, backdrops, buildings, and so on.

Multiple Rendering

Unity game development is mostly known for 3D games designing. However, it is an effective platform to render engaging 2D games for mobiles, PC’s and even for gaming consoles. In fact, Unity 4.3 has an implicit 2D motor helping game developers to create exciting 2D Games. Developers can easily create thrilling games with eye-catching features by integrating the physical science of a 2D world.

Multiplayer Gaming

Games that involve two or more players are trending in the industry. It creates a competitive and engaging platform for users, on the other hand, for developers, it offers large numbers of downloads. Unity game development engine provides a customizable, faster and scalable platform to create multiplayer games. It uses matchmakers and relay servers to create a fascinating gaming experience.

Unity Analytics

Any game developer or client can check the built-in analytics within the editor section of the Unity game development engine. It helps in getting insight into the game and discover the areas to improve. It helps in developing a better platform and make changes for an astounding experience for the players.

Scripting Language & Editing Features

Unity game development uses C# or JavaScript language for scripting, which is typically quick to learn and use. Moreover, it comes with great features like Play Mode, Timeline Story Tools, Real-Time Global Illumination and Advanced Memory Profiling with Retargetable Animators. These are advanced features yet simple to use.

Easy to Use

Looking at the name and powerful features it offers, the Unity engine is presumed as a difficult machinery tool for game development. Interestingly, Unity game development is quite easy to use even without a supervisor. Creating a game seems fun and energizing process. Additionally, advanced features and their usage make the entire process easier.

Online Tutorials

Having a deep interest in gaming and learning about the Unity engine is possible with online tutorials available on the internet. There are plenty of training videos and tutorials that you can pursue to deep dive into Unity game development. Obtaining the knowledge, you will be able to create simple games. A small training can help you move a step ahead and learn the art of more complex games development.

Final Words!

All said and done, the Unity game development is a comprehensive, feature-packed gaming engine. The versions keep updating on regular basis, each of them come with some improvement and advanced feature. Further, it is upon the developers what version they use and how do they upkeep themselves with the trend.

The leading game development company, Webmobril Technologies also consider Unity Game Development to be one of the most pioneering tools in the industry. They have been developing a variety of games on the Unity engine in its latest and advanced versions. They have some great examples for all the aspects of this gaming engine-multiplayer, multilevel, 2D/3D and cross-platform games-making rounds in the market.


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