Things to Consider Before Launching Your App in Google Play Store

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Mobile apps have redefined the way organizations conduct businesses. The nature of business has transformed their simple strategies to increase customers to something beyond. In fact, apps today have become an essential element for a brand’s digital presence and popularity. Most importantly, when you have got your app ready, the next you are all set to launch that to make an impact in the market.

Talking specifically about the android operating system, launching your app means uploading it to Google Play Store (iOS apps are uploaded in Apple App Store). House to millions of apps, Google Play Store is an enormous platform. Thus, you need to make sure your app is successfully uploaded. But before that, every app development company is required to go through a pre-process that we will be covering here in this article.

Test Your App Thoroughly

This is the most critical part to drive the success of your app. Testing an app thoroughly before launch ensures its seamless functioning. Elements like performance, features, speed, etc. must be tested, prior to launch else, there could be a significant risk of your app failing miserably.

Manual and automated testing can identify potential bugs and errors that you can rectify before your app enters the competitive market. Remember, a small error left unchecked can make your app fall apart.

The Size of App Matters

The memory size of the latest smartphones has though increased significantly, still, a mobile app large in size is not the users pick. No user wants to download a 500 Mb app, they would instead start looking for alternatives that are less space-consuming.

Another setback you can experience with your large-sized app is the limitation of Google. It allows uploading apps with a size up to only 100 Mb. Thus, App Development Company should avoid making space-consuming apps.

Get Your App Licensed

Getting your app licensed is an optional process, but a small effort to get it more trusted by the users won’t cost you much, especially, if it is a paid app. Now the thing is, how you can get your app licensed. Well, it is no big deal and you can do it by adding the End-User License Agreement. It will provide control over your app that could be of great help in the future.

Here’s how you can add the agreement to your app:

  • Include a bundle ID and Version number in your APK file.
  • The APK file created should assign a specific number to your application which would help you release updates of your app.
  • Bundle ID or App ID makes your application unique. Therefore, it should be included in the pre-submission phase of your Android app.

Integrate The Security Certificate

A security certificate is not an intimidating element as it sounds and neither is a difficult process to achieve for the app. It includes the process of creating a private key using Release Keystore. This will be your certification signed as an APK, which you will be asked for every time you upload your app to the Google Store. The other name for this file is the JSK file which entails the credentials such as Keystore password.

Optimize with App Store Listing

As SEO gains more traffic to your website, you need App Store Optimization (ASO) to get more engagements to your mobile app. The optimization process includes the app store listing that is powerful and effective enough to help your app get more visibility and downloads. Being an app owner, you must get this in process before submitting your app in Google Play Store, to get amazing results.

Coming over to the app listing, it is about the process of providing information to the users about the type of application you’ve got, what features it includes, what it is capable of and other relevant information.

You can implement the following strategies to make the app store listing work.

  • Write a short and engaging title followed by a convincing short description.
  • Upload high-quality screenshots of your application.
  • Use a hi-resolution icon.
  • Give proper information about the type of app you have.
  • Choose the category of your app.
  • Provide your users with a URL to the privacy policy.
  • Include the email of the developer or the company.

Get Through The App Submission Guidelines

Lastly, another important element in the pre-processing part of app launching requires going through Google’s guidelines to upload an app in the store. However, Google is quite easy with its guidelines, still, it is essential to carefully read it to avoid any unintentional breach that may restrict your app from the biggest Android platform.

With these prerequisites in place, you are now ready to move ahead with the process of uploading your app to the Google Play Store.

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