The Year 2021 and The Challenges In Cybersecurity Industry

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The cybersecurity industry is quite dynamic, and so are the challenges in this field. With ever-growing evolutions in technology and several unanticipated issues also widened the landscape of cyber threat in the year 2021 than before. Even experts stressed encouraging IT departments in every sector to reinforce their infrastructure and conduct related training to others in the company. The suggestions come out to be very effective in helping businesses keep moving forward securely and avert damages at the hands of cyber-criminals or malicious threat actors.

With the year 2021 about to end very soon, let’s take stock of the 5 big challenges that the cybersecurity industry faced.

1. Adapting to a Remote Workforce

With the pandemic situation on a global level, almost every industry switched to remote work culture. Some companies even adopted a hybrid work system with the waning numbers of COVID-19 cases while reopening their operations from office.

The cybersecurity risks in such distributed work environment increase in number and scale. Employees working on their home networks appeared to be more vulnerable to becoming victims of security breaches. The remote working checklist can be the best way to protect workers and the business operating in remote environment.

2. Emerging 5G Applications

New technology often brings new risks in the data security field.

Initially, when 5G was introduced in the market, industries especially, the telecom and communication sector, were aspiring to benefit from its uses. No doubt, 5G spectrum will improve the speed and responsiveness of wireless communications, and there the future looks bright for the new technology. However, possibilities of loopholes cannot be overlooked, and thus professionals from data security services need to look for potential threats against advanced networks.

3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Attacks

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have become the key interest among people than ever. Crypto transactions are digital that leaves room for cybersecurity concerns. To avoid instances of identity theft, security breaches and other potential threats it is better to take all the measures beforehand.

To maintain their integrity, companies dealing with blockchain, cryptocurrency or the crypto exchange, do not want any information to be compromised. One of the best ways these companies can strengthen their data security and protect themselves from cyber-attack is by investing in their IT infrastructure.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks

Internet of Things (IoT) involves the interconnection of physical objects using various sensors communicating with each other. With bulk data transmission between the devices, chances for gaps are very high. It gives an advantage to the threat actors or hackers to steal and exploit leaked information.

In situations like this, organizations can stay ahead of the curve by instilling a stable data infrastructure and a dedicated IT department to work on shielding interconnected devices.

5. Phishing Scams

Though phishing existed even before 2021 this year number of scams increased to a greater high. Fake emails and messages circulating among people, including digitally literate ones, were targeted to fall victim to phishing scams.

Companies can keep their employees safe from such scams by implementing access control guidelines, even while they work remotely. When it comes to protecting the business from phishing scams, cybersecurity training and awareness become the most critical component.

No doubt the year 2021 has been very chaotic. Evolving technologies present unique challenges that need to be addressed on a continuous basis. Data and cloud security services are putting all their effort to create a robust cybersecurity strategy, to protect your valuable information and assets. But cyber threats is not just about one 2021, the year 2022 could be equally or even more challenging with the advancing technology. Hence you need to get fortified beforehand through professional data security services.

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