Structured Data: An Important Tool in SEO to Mark Strong Online Presence

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The search engines need to understand the content on your site to publish it in the result. Thus, it requires structured data that can best describe your site, which is possible with a vocabulary referred to as It changes the site content into code to make search engines read it and display results in a specific way. Adding structured data to your web page can get you a rich snippet.

Suppose you have a Travel Company offering the best deals and holiday packages. Adding structured data to your web page might change the results in search engines. Your snippet will appear richer than others in the results with no structured data. Along with the title, URL and description, your snippet will differ with more info on price, locations, ratings etc.

What do you do with structured data?

Having structured data for your web page, you can communicate well with the Google search engine. You can tell them more about your product and services in detail. The search engine will take all the information instantly and can decide to show it in the results.

You can use the structured data tool to tell Google about a page on your company’s website. Further, Google translates that into informative, rich results. And do remember that audiences love these rich and featured snippets.

What is offers a large collection of pieces of code. It means you can find here all the structured data markup supported by the search engines. Digital marketing services include to explore all possibilities and find the suitable markup for your particular page.

You can copy code examples on and have to adjust the copied code to your specific preferences. A leading digital marketing company like Webmobril Technologies can help you get started with structured data.

Why is structured data important for SEO?

When it comes to the SEO of your website, the use of structured data becomes important as it makes it easier for Google to understand what your pages and your site are about. It can then recognize, in which category and how rich to show your page snippet in search results. It further helps in your website ranking.

Having structured data for your site or web page, you can give more information to your customers through snippets featured in search results. More specific information means chances are likely higher to get more clicks to your web page, which eventually contributes to top rankings.

Using the Structure Data

Even if you are not a coding expert, you can use plugins to find a suitable match for your webpage from a lot of structured data markup. You don’t need to write a powerful code to get a rich informative snippet. Using a plugin and adding a few details will do it for you.

But professional assistance can ensure a powerful snippet with other SEO services. You can get in touch with Webmobril Technologies, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi-NCR for the best SEO services. The company houses digital marketing experts who are fortified with the latest tools and technologies to help you reinforce your presence in online marketing.


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