Middle Tennessee Granite

Middle Tennessee Granite owner wanted to get the business process streamlined for which they wanted a mobile app for its customers and employees. They partnered with us to get this job done, and we created the MY MTG app as required for their customers and employees.

We furnished the app with features allowing users to book a visit to the store and order products and services. Also, enabling employees to easily manage their tasks through the app. 

Amazing Features of MY MTG

Service List

Users can view the list of various services. They can check the details of each service with a single tap on a particular service.

Book a Service

Users can book a particular service on the calendar as per availability. They have to enter general details like name, phone number, address, etc.

Order Tracking

Users can keep track of their ordered products and services through the app. They can also chat to check the progress of the service.

Task Detail for Employees

Employees can receive task requests on the app, which they can accept or reject by tapping on the button. Accepting the task will open a chat room where employees can update their job status and share pictures of delivered services.

Have a look at what’s inside the app.


Our developers used cutting-edge tools to create the MY MTG app and made it live successfully. The client is able to run the business more efficiently as the process of service booking by customers and its execution by employees are now more streamlined.

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