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With consumers getting more internet savvy and involved in well-informed purchasing, businesses today need to focus on their brand’s online reputation. Consumers are giving more value to what other customers and online reviews say than anything you might have to say about your brand. They do not bother paying more for a service from a company with higher reviews and ratings.

These ratings and reviews can either make it or break it.

Your brand presence on social media platforms plays an important role in how others view your business. People, whether happy or not with you, your brand, and your business, others will get to know about it in any case. Having people spending so much of their time on the internet, especially social media, managing your online reputation is more important than ever.

Thanks to dedicated names in Online Reputation Management Company like Webmobril Technologies, that help you manage your online presence appropriately. They use various tips and tricks, on your behalf, to keep a tab on what people are talking about you and who all are watching those stuff.

Read on to learn the seven steps that you can use to connect with your audience and make a good impression on anyone researching your brand online.

1.       Monitor your social presence

Being the most popular social media platform Facebook and Twitter, no doubt, they get huge user attention; still, they are not the only ones out there. Dig deeper, and you can find many other platforms where people do talk about brands and businesses.

Make sure you regularly search for your brand name or product on all the platforms. Keep checking all relevant platforms, not just the ones on which you have an active presence. It will give you an idea of what people are saying about you in the market. This will be an insight into consumers’ sentiment toward your brand.

2.       Give a prompt response to people

With your social media presence, consumers expect you to be easily available for interaction. When they reach out to you through social media, they want you to reply to their query quickly. No matter, if it is something for which you cannot give an instant resolution, at least acknowledge them to ensure they are heard. For comments on your posted content, try to engage with them there only, it will cultivate a lasting relationship with your audience.

3.       Ask for Google and Yelp reviews

Brand reviews on online platforms is a powerful tool to attract more and more customers. Before making any purchase, whether products or services, consumers have developed the tendency to value online reviews. They typically check with Google and Yelp to read the reviews. Mark your brand available on these review sites to make your brand look more trustworthy and valued by customers.

Try increasing the count of your reviews; ask your happy customers to post reviews expressing their views for your satisfying service. A large number of reviews itself speaks a lot. It shows you are a renowned name in the industry. You can ask your Online Reputation Management Company to start a dedicated email marketing campaign encouraging your customers to leave reviews. If this seems a challenge, you can incentivize your campaign with a giveaway or competition.

4.       Cultivate brand advocacy

Cultivating a base of strong brand advocates is yet another crucial method to establish your business in the industry. Use social media for this artfully. Lure your audience with reasons to follow and engage with you online. Share content that they can likely enjoy, host some fun games and activities to initiate conversations. Encourage them to share their content as well, mostly the reviews.

5.       Transparency for trust

Trust comes out of transparency. Given that anything said online remains there forever, trying to cover up the truth has serious repercussion potential. Hence, you should practice honest communication and marketing on social media. You should not refrain from admitting your mistakes, facts can be uncovered anytime-sooner or later. Do not delete or hide the comment, complaining about your product or service, rather address it. Improve your service, so you get more appreciating reviews.

6.       Set SMART goals

While setting your goals for your presence on social media, first, ask yourself why you are landing in this online world in the first place. Don’t answer “because everyone else is on it.” You should rather see this as an overarching opportunity that allows you to improve your brand awareness and engagements. You can start with short-term goals like increasing responses to your product every quarter with a certain number. Always target your goals with a SMART approach, i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

7.       Identify your audience.

In any business, recognizing your audience is an essential approach. Having a social media presence, you have to focus on identifying your target audience. It makes online reputation management a little easier. You can then find a suitable social media platform that can work best for your brand and reach your potential customers.


Successful management of your brand’s online reputation can cultivate positive sentiment toward your brand along with boosting sales. Consumers want personalized assistance and expect businesses to engage with them on social media. Therefore, it is essential to do the online reputation management task in the right way.

To avoid any pitfalls, you can get in touch with Webmobril Technologies, the best Online Reputation Management Company in India. We have a team of experts, skilled with proper tools and techniques and well-acquainted with placing them rightly to help build your brand’s reputation.


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