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The gaming industry has seen tremendous changes in recent years with an exponential increase in users. It has made the industry rake in more than billions in revenue. Thus, providing an immense opportunity in this space for game developers, marketers and game development companies.

Specifically, the year 2020, which will be known as the year of pandemic forever, destroyed many businesses and industries. But the same devastating year flourished the gaming industry. Consequently, it globally appeared as one of the highest performing industries in 2020, with a massive turnout of $77.2 billion. Moreover, experts in the gaming space see no sign of slowing down in 2021.

Hence, if you are looking to capitalize on this, you must carry relevant information regarding trends and technologies in the gaming industry. It will help you make smart decision and strategy, even in choosing the best game app development company.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Game App Development

Artificial intelligence is a revolution in technology that hasn’t left any industry untouched, even the gaming industry. Game developers can use artificial intelligence to analyze players’ behavior and incorporate advanced systems in their gaming apps. Game designers can use artificial intelligence to customize experience of each player based on how they interact with the game.

Furthermore, AI-powered tools can help create an algorithm that game developers can use to detect the ideal point for a player to show in-app purchase options or advertisements. Evaluation of these in-gaming behavior of players through AI allows developers to optimize revenue without disrupting gaming experience of players.

AR & VR is the Superpower:

This world is full of incredible and minds numbing possibilities. In gaming industry, you will find more AR or VR as supplemented reality in the coming decades. This is going to happen for sure, and it has got quite obvious reasons for it.

AR mechanics helps in integrating computer-generated elements within the physical environment of the players. Many gaming apps have used it to bring virtual creatures into the real world. In a similar manner, spending more time with a VR headset takes the user into a different world that seem real; shut out the physical world completely.

AR / VR technology offers a more high-end gaming quality as users get to experience an utterly fictional world that seems real but happens virtually. Using this technology, developers can add more elegance and sophistication to their games.

Multiplayer Games

The recent shift in the gaming industry is more towards multiplayer games. No matter players know each other personally or not, they like playing in groups and thus this feature is higher in demand. Players find multiplayer games more engaging and facilitating a more immersive gameplay experience. To make it more interactive many gaming apps also allow players to chat and share different emoji during the play.

Therefore, the idea of developing a multiplayer game can be more prosperous instead of single-player gaming apps.

Integrate With Social Media Channels

People have become obsessed with social media these days, mass of them are found here only. Integrating mobile games with social media is a vastly growing trend in the industry, as people enjoy playing games with their friends and family.

On the other hand, game apps that allow players to invite other people to play through social media platforms are likely to grow their user base faster.

Therefore, mobile game app development with social media integration tends to attract large numbers of players by allowing players to invite, share and engage with their friends or family.

Final Words

Overall, the gaming industry has become a promising scope with fantastic growth. Stick to the market trends and technologies and integrate that into your mobile game apps to get the most out of them.

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