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With a large population connected through digital mediums and more informed about the things around, businesses need to maintain a good reputation in the market. Buyers want to ensure everything about the brand they are about to pick, especially the feedback of customers already using that brand. It proactively influences the buying decision. Therefore, you must give your thought to Online Reputation Management (ORM) for your business.

How ORM Impacts Your Business

Having a good strategy in SEO may help you rank in the top results on search engine pages. It gets you a significant number of clicks. But any damaging and harmful content on online channels may push you behind the competitors (even in the search results), thereby costing you in terms of loss in business.

However, ORM should not be mistaken for just managing content in search engines. It is more about handling the negative reviews and encouraging cheerful clients to write more positive feedback for your business. Even many surveys report that around 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Also, buyers often choose a company that has a rating of at least four or more.

Considering these trends, you cannot understate the importance of your online personal and professional reputation. Here, in this article, we will discuss the four different digital marketing channels involved in ORM, often regarded as the PESO Model.

Paid Media

There are several platforms where you need to invest some amount of money as your marketing efforts to feature your business. These are referred to as paid media. PPC advertising services are available with Google AdWords, display ads on Facebook, and sponsored posts on industry/influencer blogs. Online channels outspread your reach and drive traffic to your properties. It overall helps in building new relationships and loyalty with partners and customers.

Earned Media

You don’t have to spend money on earned media. It, though, covers your business on external web entities. But for this, you need to stand out from your competitors with great services and products. Also, make your content unique that users may find worth sharing, reviewing, commenting, mentioning and reposting.

Social Media

Social media has a strong presence across the globe and gives more power to consumers. Hence, your business pages and profile on social media platforms should be considered a representation of your brand. Your consumers often choose social media for direct interaction with your brand. It is critically important to delegate resources to stay active on your social media properties, engage in conversations and publish fresh content on a regular basis.

Owned Properties

Owned properties include your business website and blogs on which are under your full control. The more properties you possess, the higher your chances are to effectively building your digital presence. But do not establish properties that can’t be distinguished from another one, else it may create confusion, and there’s no space for confusion in digital marketing.

So get started with using these digital marketing channels to build a healthy online reputation for your business. You can seek a digital marketing agency like Webmobril Technologies to support you in using these channels for ORM purposes in an efficient and effective manner.


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