Know How Cyber Security and Physical Security Are Similar

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Security for assets is the biggest concern for all organizations; those with substantial revenue generally own two separate teams for Physical Security and Cyber Security. Both teams are assigned responsibilities for keeping the company’s assets safe and secure.

For most people, it is easy to understand the risks involved in Physical Security. Think of it as locked doors to prevent the entry of unauthorized people while securing your physical assets. Now imagine you move into a rented house; you may get all the locks changed, and check all the exterior doors to ensure the door frames are strong and sturdy, the hinges are intact, etc. You may even consider adding extra security to valuable goods. Cyber Security service providers offer similar defensive practices to protect company systems and networks from online threats.

When you take a close look at both Physical and Cyber Security, you will realize the roots and principles of these two security categories are not much different.

You can mark the following identifications as primary principles behind any security:

  • What to protect?
  • Who to protect from?
  • What is vulnerable?
  • What could be the consequences?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these identifications.

Identify your assets

Before making your security plans, you first need to identify the crucial assets that need to be secured. By assets, we don’t only mean the object. For instance, if you have an employee management system, data on that system becomes an asset. Only a limited staff can access that data. Likewise, user credentials, information related to configurations, and access to the software or hardware devices are different kinds of assets that may lure an attacker. So all these need robust security.

Identify the risks

Sometimes your people having valid access to your assets turn into critical threats. This typically happens due to their careless conduct and lack of knowledge while using those assets. Therefore, you need to ensure that the access remains with only those who essentially require it.

Another common threat in organizations is the failure of Hardware. Some individuals who do not want to be watched may try to disrupt the surveillance systems. Apart from this, your services exposed to the internet can become prey to non-targeted attacks. External malicious actors can attack your vulnerable network.

Identify the gaps

As windows and doors are the vulnerable attack points in the physical security situation, likewise, any gap and loose point in the network and system may lead to risks of cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the vulnerabilities in the system. Many people think cyber security is for large enterprises only, but cyber-attacks are not limited to sizeable businesses. Any size of business can be attacked, at any time. It is, therefore, better to be prepared beforehand. WebMobril Technologies, the top Cyber Security Expert in India, can help you find all the gaps in your network by auditing and assessing vulnerabilities.

Identify the consequences

Both physical and cyber security system depends on the possible consequences of the threat and vulnerabilities. Although no one can predict the attacker’s intention, you must be aware of the consequences that are likely to happen. There are many ways to compromise security; for example, a non-configured system may lead to an attack on the whole network. Even a single click on spam mail by any of your employees may compromise crucial data of your organization.

Bottom Line

Whether physical or cyber security, the goal is to secure every asset of your organization. As you hire the best service for physical security, for cyber security also, you should get a trusted partner in the industry. That one partner could be WebMobril Technologies, a premium Cyber Security Services Company in India that help unearth nonconformities before others discover them and bridge all the security gaps to build safe products.

They are one of the leading Cyber Security Service Providers, providing continuous risk analysis and threat detection to help you defend against possible cyber-attacks beforehand, preventing damage to your business. With their superior end-to-end services, WebMobril Technologies stimulate cyber security growth for you through every stage of planning and development.


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