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Machine learning- A branch of Artificial Intelligence can swiftly scan large amounts of data and examine it using records. Detecting threats using AI is quick and easy. Modern establishments generate huge amounts of data, thus using this technology is very useful. Integrating AI with Cybersecurity can work wonders in the cyber world. Let’s have a glance at the areas where it can be implemented:

Integrating AI with Cyber Security: Real Life Examples

Security screening using face scanners

Let’s understand this possibility with an example: the United States Department of Homeland Security developed a system called AVATAR. It screens body gestures and facial expressions of individuals. AVATAR powers AI and Big Data to pick up small distinctions of facial expressions and body gestures that may raise mistrust.

The system with a virtual inspector asks questions and monitors changes in their answers as well as transformations in their voice tone. Then collects data is compared against elements that point out that someone might be lying. Suspicious individuals are flagged for further inspection. This was just an example there are many more methods where AI can be used whether in suspect detection, honey trap or malicious activities detection.

Let’s have a glance at them:

AI-powered threat detection

AI-based threat detection and response platform can collect and store network metadata and enrich with unique security insights. It uses this metadata along with machine learning approaches to detect and order attacks in real-time.

Detection of sophisticated cyber-attacks

Tools like Darktrace Immune System, based on machine learning technology analyze the behavior of every device, user, and network to learn precise patterns. Darktrace automatically identifies any strange behavior and warns the company in real-time.

It detects numerous inconsistent activities as soon as they occurred and alerts the cybersecurity team to carry out further investigations while justifying any risk posed before real damage is done.

Wrapping up

Integrating cybersecurity with AI can bring a lot of accuracy and alertness than can be a way better approach than the previous one in order to eliminate and prevent cyber threats. Sensing out suspicious activities with AI-powered tool does not only enable to prepare for future attacks but also enroots the idea of expected attacks which could be approached by attackers. For cybersecurity, the main advantages emphasize faster analysis and mitigation of threats. This integration can focus more in the future on the ability of hackers to deploy more sophisticated cyber and technology-based security.


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