Improve your Conversion Rate with 10 Essential Elements of Good SEO

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In today’s digital marketing world, SEO has become a crucial driver to achieve business goals. Content that resonates with reader make you appear in search, increases visibility, pulls traffic and boosts conversion rates.

Still, many people struggle with creating good content for SEO. Gone are the days when to get Google’s attention, content used to filled with keywords that can likely match online search by people. Previously it was more about creating content that obliges Google’s algorithms rather than what people can use.

Today, things have changed drastically, and SEO has leveraged to writing for people and not only for the machines. Now, businesses can meet the needs of their audience and generate leads and sales growth by creating effective, useful and engaging content.

Let’s take a look at how to create efficient content for stellar SEO.

Nail Meta Content
Like a blurb on back cover of the book, Meta content too allow the readers a sneak peek at what content they can expect inside. That is the deciding factor in SEO whether readers will click and continue to plunge in or let it rest on the shelf, moving for something else.

For a creative Meta follow these rules:

Keep it short and sweet in 50-155 characters and give enticing information to make the reader click on it.
Make sure to optimize it by enhancing site speed, content stability and interactivity. It boosts organic rankings, brand awareness and sales. Incorporate the focus keyword as Google is more likely to feature it in the search listings.

Create Content for both People and Machine

There’s a reciprocal relationship between consumers and search engines. If the consumer is not satisfied, then neither is Google. Content that pleases readers also boosts SEO and drives SERPs. The content must deliver the relevant information that people want to know, so it appears well on the search engines. Thus, writing for people first should simultaneously go for the machine too.

Provide Something Valuable

Think, why people come to the internet. There are two reasons- they need solutions for their problems, or they want answers to some questions in their mind. We are talking about it because the success of SEO depends greatly on providing readers with something of value.

Hence the mission of your content delivery should revolve around providing solutions or answering aptly to the questions. It can then help in certain positioning in the SERPs; you can ensure this by writing valuable, in-depth content. Create compelling and informative content to capture consumers’ attention. The more value you provide, the more trust you’ll build and the more online presence you can establish. Eventually, it results in more leads, more revenue.

Upscale Storytelling Skill

Stick to the storytelling approach in content writing to grab readers’ attention and bring them closer to your brand.

When writing for SEO, keep readers in the centre, see them as protagonists. Engaging readers by writing for them brings more positive outcomes. A cliff-hanger ending of a good chapter makes the reader turn the page. You can compel the audience by just giving a hint of what is around the corner but not revealing everything at once. Then bring a turning point in your content that takes the reader in an unexpected direction, write some surprises along the way. But make sure you don’t get so wrapped up in your story that you forget the theme.

Impressive Headlines

You have nailed creating useful content that would certainly engage readers, and Google has also rewarded ideal search rankings. But you are still wondering about hardly getting any clicks. Watch out for your headline as it could be reason why people are not diving in to read your content.

Headlines set the foremost impression of your content. Therefore, focus on creating powerful headlines that stand out from the crowd. It is the way to boost click-through rates and gain more viewership.

Forget Keyword Stuffing

Overdoing anything results in a negative impact. The same is the thing with SEO these days. Previously, stuffing your content with keywords was worth as Google algorithms relied heavily on how many keyword matches a page could provide. Even if they didn’t make sense in the write-up context, they were in, cramming the content.

But now, instead of exploitive use of the keywords, emphasis is more on useful content. It is not that stuffing keyword process has abolished, just the way of doing it has changed. When writing, keep in mind what is relevant and what readers might find useful. Use the keywords accordingly and do not over-stuff.

Enhance Readability

User experience is yet another powerful element of good SEO which stems from readability. Yes, content that is easy to read plays a big role in user engagement.

Keep the sentences short and crisp, format the content in small paragraphs.
When readers encounter huge blocks of non-stop text, they find that piece of content non-relevant and might bounce. To enhance the readability, use headers, bulleted lists, and space to hold the readers till the end.

Integrate Multimedia

The standard practice of creating content is to prepare what people want to read without overlooking it to make it absorbable. An easy way of doing this is by integrating multimedia into your SEO content.

Videos, photos, infographics, and diagrams are anyway appealing, and when incorporated into content, it becomes more informative and comprehending. It stimulates to capture the audience’s response and indent the information making it more memorable. Such contents tend to be shared further so, the chances of getting more clicks also get high.

Give Social Media Visibility

Social media has become the sturdy platform to share and promote your content with minimal effort. Especially in this mobile age, it is quite effective and result-driven source of getting click per conversion. Posts, direct messaging, real-time comments, and reaction emojis fit best into our social world for engagements, instant feedback and communication.

So you must include share buttons in your SEO content, making it easy to pass the information to a large audience through your readers. They share it with their own social contacts. Eventually, your reach widens and brings new audiences of like-minded consumers.

Monitor Metrics of Progress

To ensure the success of your SEO strategy, you must keep regular track of its progress to gauge its effectiveness on the ground. Different metrics are key to reveal what aspects of your strategy are working and what still needs upgrading.

There are numbers of useful tools available to help track your progress. Remember, if you are not monitoring your progress, you will have no way of knowing where you are in meeting your goals.

From keywords to metrics and incorporating multimedia to social media, there are many effective ways to ensure the success of your Search Engine Optimization content. Ultimately, it is how these elements are put together for right delivery.


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