Hardington Capital

Hardington Capital has been catering to people with real estate investment advice for income-generating property assets across the entire UK and Europe. They had their business website, which they wanted to redesign & redevelop to get more traffic and engagement. 

We helped them create a responsive website optimized to get traffic from all kinds of devices- mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Key Features of the Website


Landing on the website, users can see the homepage, where they will find a brief introduction to the company and the services they offer.


Users can explore the location of properties on the map. They can see the property’s name, details, images, videos, etc., on the portfolio page.

My Profile

The news section allows users to learn about the happenings of the real estate industry. They can view photos and search for a particular story in this section.


Our team revamped Hardington Capital’s website with a focus on every single requirement of the client. We used the best technology to redesign this responsive and efficient website. The client is now able to generate more traffic through multiple devices.

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