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The tourism industry is growing wider, and the contributions by travel apps cannot be ignored. These apps have empowered people to travel with their own choice, whether it is for flight bookings, hotel or transport bookings.

However, as every business grows with creative ideas, proper planning and finesse result similar approach is needed for your travel startup to grow. WebMobril Technologies, a top mobile app development company, can help you create a robust app for your travel business.

Remember, your business with a travel application must look for fresh and based on new concepts.

Here’s a list of innovative yet functional travel app ideas.

App for Hotel Reservation  

Every traveler has unique demand for accommodation. Some prefer luxurious and comfortable accommodations, while others look for budget stays. Make sure you add a range of hotel accommodation options in your app so you can cater to travelers with diverse needs. Provide options like hostels, homestays, or hotel rooms in your app so that a user can choose the property according to their requirements. Include filters like pricing, facilities, and client reviews to make the search easy for users. Don’t forget to make your hotel reservation app work for both users and travel operators.

Flight Booking App

While most travel agencies offer flight booking options, you can make a separate app for it without cluttering the app with other features. Help your users discover flights to the places they want to visit. Give every detail about the flight- fares, seat availability, departure and landing timing. But, to make it more useful, include features like tracking flights on your phone map, by route, airport, or number. Enable users to search for conditions like present delays, weather, boarding, check-in, and takeoff.

App for Tour Guides

Another amazing idea for your business app is a travel guide. You can provide a handy guide for tourist destinations across the globe on users’ mobile phones. Add places to visit, eateries with popular cuisines, tourist attractions, transportations guide, etc. Keep updating your app with the latest information that users will always be looking for.

Local Public Transportation App

Many tourists seek local public transportation on their tour, but being unfamiliar with the place and mostly, the language barrier makes them confused and apprehensive. Your tourist-friendly app for local public transportation guides could be of great relief for such tourists. To make it more valuable, you can add different languages choice.

App for Bus Ticket Booking

Just like flight booking, you can also create an app for bus ticket reservations. There are several bus routes that people use for travel. You can provide them ease of booking their seats at their fingertips. Your app can help users avoid queues and rush at window ticket counters. Moreover, they will be able to get information on the timing, routes, and seat availability on their mobile phone, saving them a lot of time.

Language Translation App

Language is, certainly, the major problem travelers often encounter when visiting non-native places. Earlier, travelers used to carry a translation book. Your language translation app can work for them much better. You can integrate both text and speech modes to translate different languages.

Moreover, you can ask your iOS and Android app development services provider to add the feature enabling users to click images to change text in various languages according to their needs.

Money Saving App

Budget constraints discourage people to accomplish their travel trips. A money management technique can, however, help them save money to fulfil their dream of exploring places around the world. An advanced travel app can suggest an affordable itinerary with budget accommodations, time-saving journeys, and the best deals and discounts. Avid travelers can plan their trips without worrying about their budgets.

App to Find Gas and Charging Stations

Many travelers take road trips- whether by bike or car, so refueling becomes an essential part of the tour. But their major concern is finding gas stations over the route. You can introduce an app that can help travelers locate gas stations while traveling to their destination. Your gas station finder app can be a real problem solver for many travelers. You can also add an option for navigation to the particular gas station. Moreover, with electric vehicles also running on the road, you can also add information on charging stations.

Payment App

Digital payment options have become an integral part of today’s lifestyle, so why not include them in travelers’ life? A travel app with various payment gateways supports easy transactions, which can be very useful for tourists. This is a top travel mobile app development concept to earn immediate client attraction for your company.

You can add features like ride booking, currency converter, travel card, etc., in your app to make it valuable for tourists. You can get Hybrid App Development Solutions for such payment applications. Just invest in a developer who can ensure security features to safeguard tourists’ confidential data.

App for Finding Deals

While there are several different applications for travel bookings, each with its own fares, deals and facilities offered. At the time of booking, users have to jump from one app to another to check and compare things. Your app for finding deals can address their problems by providing all the deals in one place. You can list their company name-wise with features like sort, filter, and requirement options. A user can also get notifications on attractive deals, discounts, special offers, new arrivals, and local shopping trends.

Travel Insurance App

With very few competitors in the market working on this concept, you can grab travelers’ attention with a travel insurance app. Your app can work as a liaison between tourists and different insurance companies. Tourists can easily contact an insurance company and file a claim while traveling to another nation through the app. Most importantly, a travel insurance app can provide real-time access to emergency medical support while traveling, hospital contacts, insurance buying services, etc.

Bottom Line

If you are up to entering into the tourism business, you can consider developing a travel app with any of the above ideas. When you have decided on the concept, go ahead with the Top Mobile App Development Company- WebMobril Technologies. They will build a robust travel app to help you unlock various business opportunities. Our proficient team of iOS and Android app development services ensures delivering highly intuitive and engaging mobile apps for diverse industries.


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