Effective Voice Search Statistics for 2020

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The year 2020 and the decades further are expected to defend the world of voice search. Massive audience numbers have accepted this new trend for some genuine reasons like ease to run search engine queries. Voice search used for most of the daily searches like local businesses, online purchasing, order food, and much more. Since, voice searches has came up with added profits for businesses, they have completely remodeled the outline of the strategy for digital marketers.

Voice-enabled IoT devices had a great contribution to the rapid growth and adaptation of voice search. Even the way the purchase and demand for smart speakers have accelerated, it is expected that by 2022 more than 50% of households will own smart speakers.

Most of the voice search devices like Google Home or Alexa and ML-based bots like Google Assistant or Siri and more are already becoming a part of daily life. Recent stats depict, around 65% of people from the age group 25-49 years use voice-enabled search once a day at least. It is the results of delivered satisfaction by voice assistants that in 2020 it’s changing the way consumers interacting with businesses and businesses promote themselves.

Marketers have to optimize their SEO for voice search to attain the full advantage of the current landscape. The output of analysis has produced “how”, “what”, and “best” are the top three words used in voice searches. People are using it for various purposes like researching products, shopping, tracking packages, giving rating or reviewing, looking for customer support, and contact numbers of companies.

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