Droom is a fresh concept to cater to businesses the right potential, smart consumers from the shopper’s community, and their genuine reviews about products. The reviews help to create better products for the masses. On the Droom app, consumers are free to express their popular and unpopular opinions on products. An online community consisting of educated and informed shoppers who love to connect, shop, and try new things.

Amazing Features that
are absolutely free:

Interact with shopper’s community

Users can be part of the droomingband. Do posts, like, comment, share &be a part of a unique online platform.

Get surprise of your choice

Users can customize and specify their preferences for what they would like to review. We’d love to get to know you a bit more

Dashboard for brands

For easy and comfortablemanagement of the full product delivery update and other affairs.

Increase the sales of products

Droom targets the relevant products to the right customers for a particular business.

Have a look at what’s
inside the app.


Taking hand-on to this project was quite an interesting journey. We kept the technical characteristics of the Droom App as easy and lucid as possible. And thankful that could be part of a fresh, new ideology. The app sustains trending technology to beat up with the market. We are proud of our product and the teams behind it.

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