Drastic boost in mobile gaming during coronavirus lockdown

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Lockdown due to corona virus has given a substantial shout out to sports or online gaming. It’s been three months when the outbreak was first reported since then #stayhome got contemplated the only way to stay safe and away from deadly corona virus until vaccines are found.

With the severe spread of the virus, quarantining the massive population was a step taken to prevent the spread. This lead people to do stuff for which they don’t get time usually but love to do. Enjoying online gaming become one of the top-charting in the list.

When most of the population of the world has been lockdown into their homes, smartphones become a medium to consume most of the time. Reports from an app analytic firm say the number of mobile game downloads increased by 39% worldwide in February. Whereas other reports uncovered the number of downloaded games and other apps from Apple’s App Store was 222 million, giving a hike of $150 billion to the global game industry.

Gaming apps became the third most downloaded and used category of the mobile app after social media & shopping apps. WebMobril has also launched some amazing catchy games that would keep you always into them like – Strawberry HitFlappy Men and Ping Mosquito. We will be coming up with an array of such peppy games that would blow your mind.

The industry observed tremendous growth over this period. There is no turning back in the coming months since nobody knows how much time the world would take to heal from this pandemic outbreak. Until then it’s essential for us all to stay home to stay safe and healthy, play games or make the best out of this crisis time by learning, scaling up the skills that would help you when all this gets over.


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