Cloud Security Analysis Solutions: The Next Step to Make Your Data Secure

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While talking from a technical perspective, cloud security appears to be a complex topic, but it is easy to grasp the basics. Many business owners believe cloud applications are secure enough to transmit and store crucial data.
However, this is not the actual case. You need cloud security analysis solutions to reinforce your data security.

Cloud Security: Pros and Cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages of cloud apps and services, which you need to consider for the security of your organization. At one point, you would realize the biggest strength of cloud computing is also its biggest weakness- some other organization (cloud service provider) is storing your data.

In some ways, it seems good as you get access to another company’s robust resources, staff, and experience to securely store and manage your data. However, data security is not the exclusive responsibility of your cloud service provider.

No matter you are working with a transparent business, who prioritizes their client’s security, you must take the responsibility of keeping your own data safe and secure. It’s true that cloud service providers invest a large amount in their infrastructure’s security. They have to maintain a reputation in the market by offering a secure and reliable service.

Having said that, there are still some potential security openings to compromise your business. This is where cloud security analysis solutions come into the picture. These are additional cloud-based measures to keep your organization and its data secure.
Here are some of the most important measures you should seek to take a step further in your data security:

Encryption: Encryption is an affordable cloud security solution to establish a stronger connection. Your organization could be vulnerable when sending or receiving data. Layering the data with encryption decreases the likelihood that someone can gain access to your information.

Threat detection

Several modern cloud security methods are equipped with better threat detection. Malicious actors have their specific hallmarks; while attempting to intrude into your account or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, they show a certain pattern of activity. Cloud security analysis solutions are able to identify this activity, and can immediately protect against it by neutralizing the risk. Even artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the solutions, to continually learn and identify new threats and self-improve.

Manual controls

Cloud security solutions also offer manual controls for IT teams. Allowing the security app to work on its own could be beneficial, but establishing additional security measures can be even more helpful. You can whitelist or blacklist certain sources, giving you more customizability.

Network Security

For efficient performance, most companies are equipped with multiple solutions. They use Salesforce, Oracle, Alibaba, Google Suite or Office 360 in addition to AWS, Azure, or GCP, to store data in their clouds. Basically, don’t stick to a single solution, you must look for a unified multi-cloud security solution. Go with the one that integrates all your cloud services, giving you full visibility, security and control of your cloud security network and traffic.

Transparency and observance

The best thing about cloud security analysis solutions is their ability to offer more transparency and observance. It allows you to keep an eye on all transactions and activity and watch out for suspicious or unusual behavior. When in place, if something ever goes wrong, you can trace it back to its source.

Another advantage of cloud security analysis solutions is the support it offers for compliance purposes. While working in an industry having regulatory requirements for data security or privacy, you must consider investing in additional tools that help you meet those requirements.

Additional Security Measures

Sometimes, even having the finest cloud services providers and strong cloud security solutions in place, there could be vulnerabilities within your organization. The most common one you can observe: employees choosing a weak password, or if they fall for a phishing scheme, malicious actors can then easily gain access to your data in the cloud.

Further, besides installing and using cloud security analysis solutions, it’s important to incorporate better security measures at every stage of your organization. Even basic training to employees can dramatically increase the collective security of your organization.

There are a wide variety of different cloud security analysis solutions available, no doubt, they all tend to offer the best services. But make sure to select a unified multi-cloud security solution that encompasses 360-degree security with trusted compliance and risk program advice. It should include solutions for threat prevention and network protection, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), workload protection, application security, and cloud intelligence.

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