Goods Ads

The client was seeking for design and development of a platform where people can view the classifieds posted by the businesses or post ads. As per a proposed solution by our dynamic team, the client chose WebMobril Technologies to build Goods Ads website with two user flows- one for buyers and one for businesses. Our seasoned professionals designed this website aligned with specific requirements- to buy or sell products. 

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Amazing Features of Dal Design:

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Users can check the Feeds section to view the different categories of classifieds on the website.


To search the categories of classifieds, users can enter a related keyword in the search field on the website.

Create Classified Ads

Businesses can sign up/in to create a classified by entering details like name, category, contact information, description, etc.

View Classifieds

Users can view all the classifieds posted by them on the website. They can edit and delete the classifieds from the website.


Using our expertise and experience in web development, we delivered Good Ads classified website as required by the client. The website is built on a strong and secure framework, without leaving any gaps. The platform is enabling buyers as well as businesses to easily get to classified ads.  

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