A user-friendly app for daily life, PUNT helps users buy groceries and get them delivered to their door in a quick time. The client requirements entailed three user panels in the app to fulfil its purpose, along with a supporting app for drivers to manage the deliveries. They assigned this job to WebMobril Technologies, and we efficiently completed the project keeping the client’s requirements at the core. Our team designed a highly interactive app from scratch to offer the best user experience.

We have also developed its supporting PUNT Driver app for delivery partners that notifies the driver about a delivery request. The driver can locate the store, collect all the items and deliver them to the client using the app.

Amazing Features of Punt

Users Panel

Homepage: Users can see the list of stores on the homepage with complete details. Click on any particular store and check all the listed products under different categories.
Checkout: Buy your selected items in the cart by filling in the shipping address and making a payment through one of the payment options.

Sellers Panel

Submit Listing: Sellers can add their store to the listing and can add a category/sub-category to their particular product listing. They can submit the request for store listing for Admin’s approval.
Order Management:Sellers can add or manage the inventory along with information on items that are unavailable.

Admin Panel

User Management: The admin can manage the users (buyers and sellers); they can view/delete/activate/deactivate any particular user. .
General Management:This feature allows the admin to manage the payment, order, service fee and listings.

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With a comprehensive list of products and user-friendly features, the Punt app is adding convenience to daily life. The UI/UX was the main consideration that our designers surpassed by providing brilliant designs. Both Android and iOS users are enjoying the benefits of fresh and fast delivery of groceries to their doorstep.

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