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Website building is often hyped as scary to try out and also costly. Moreover, it is thought that only people with definite skills in programming can build a website. Well, that’s is not true at all. Building a website is now fun and not as painful as it used to be earlier. Don’t get meshed into coding and acronyms such as HTML and CSS. There are specific sites that turn complex website building into an easy process.

A few years ago, those who wanted to build their website had two options. They could invest thousands of dollars to get a website built by professionals, or they could precisely learn how to build a website through coding.

Now, things have got easier with dedicated sites that allow website building effortlessly by anyone. These are online tools that offer a graphical user interface to create websites by writing the code for you, configuring hosting, database, email accounts & domain name.

Defining Website Builders

Website Builders empower anyone to create an aesthetical website without needing any experience in programming. A few simple actions can build a website on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. While there are several inexpensive options for website building, there are free website builder platforms available on the internet.

Below is a list of relevant information for top website builders out there:


Anyone, including small business owners wanting to have an online presence, can use WIX to create their website for free and without any hassle. Millions of people have been using this website-building platform that is also extremely intuitive and fun to use. It offers plenty of options for customization on websites, even SEO customization is available for the site. It is known to be the best online website builder.


For people seeking an e-commerce website to sell their products & services through it, JIMDO appears to be the best option. It is easy to get to grips with and has really good features to use. Although customization selections are limited, it offers a great experience of creating a website overall. Its mobile app version lets the website owners edit the site on any device with an internet connection. For more features and customization, you can hire one of the best UI/UX design companies in India, like WebMobril Technologies


This free and easy-to-use platform supports website building with almost no learning curve. Setting up a site can be done in about 5 minutes. A variety of options for formats make it the go-to choice for people with quick time to get an online presence.


Weebly is a highly valued platform for entrepreneurs seeking to start their online stores. It’s a professional e-Commerce tool with good scalability and easy to use drag and drop editor. However, it is not restricted to business purposes, you can also build a portfolio website to promote a hobby or yourself on the internet. Weebly helps you do this swiftly without overwhelming you with design options. In addition, this online website builder offers a good selection of themes and a wonderful app market to integrate into your website.

HTML to WordPress

If you want to convert your static HTML websites into WordPress, this tool will be of great help. It will help you automate various manual works. You can simply upload the website into the tool, and within a few seconds, it will convert into a fully functional, top-quality WordPress theme – activated & installed.


This tool lets you build web & mobile applications for any code information. It’s an intuitive tool with drag and drop features to allow you to easily add page elements such as text, videos, maps, icons, images, buttons, and more. You can customize the elements like font colors, icons, and the visibility of various elements based on what’s going on in the design app.


It is an open-source theme builder for WordPress that makes it fast to edit the whole thing on your web page on the fly. With OnePager, it is effortless to build a fully responsive, SEO-friendly site with built-in presets to kick start your site development process. You can tailor the look as well as feel of your website exactly as you want it. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to build a WordPress site in no time.

Final Thoughts!

Building a website is, of course, no more just a coding thing. However, it is always good to get professional assistance for a top-quality and efficiently performing website for your business. For the best website design company, you can reach WebMobril Technologies. Right from backend development to interface designing, this leading UI/UX design agency in India can create out-of-the-world designs for your website.


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