Boltstress Ultrasonics

Bolt is smaller in size but a significant component in assembling the materials to bring an application in structure. But each application of a bolt has an ideal torque value. So over-or under-torque bolts may ruin the structure. Boltstress Ultrasonics app gives solutions to such problems and facilitates calculating accurate torque values. 

Key Features of Boltstress
Ultrasonics App:


Users can enter the value in given fields and choose the different units through the drop-down menu to calculate the torque value for a required bolt.

Supports Different Values

The app supports a variety of values- Bolt Diameter, Nut Size, Bolt Material, Bolt Yield (%), Friction Factor and Lubricant, to calculate accurate results.

Admin Panel

Power-packed admin panel allow for managing the data in the front as well as back-end. Admin can login into the admin panel using username and password.

Have a look at what’s
inside the app.


Boltstress Ultrasonics has been successfully launched in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store after getting the go-ahead from the owner. The app ensures every bolt is tightened up with the correct torque value, enabling the user to get jobs done with precision.  

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