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Android is the top mobile operating system experiencing the greatest upsurge in app development projects across all industries. As per Statista, there are currently 3,507,688 Android apps available in the Google Play Store and counting.

Given the rising demand, faster Android app development services without foregoing quality have become a crucial requirement. To achieve this, some Android development libraries are playing the main role.

These libraries make designing, developing, testing, and deploying an Android app as simple as possible. Faster design and development, streamlined development tasks, versatile and aesthetically pleasing user interface design, and cross-platform compatibility are some of the main reasons developers choose these third-party libraries. Other added benefits include code optimization, simple development tool accessibility, etc.

So let’s find out more about the top Android development libraries.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack library is one of the top libraries used by developers worldwide; it is a rich source of Android software components that helps build great apps, ensuring stable and reliable app performance. Jetpack library is created and maintained by Google, which is known to be the key selection for all regular app-building requirements.

Features of Android Jetpack

  • Developers can minimize the use of boilerplate code that always remains the same across multiple devices.
  • It allows writing code that works consistently across Android versions and devices.
  • Jetpack offers complete support for the Android programming languages such as Java and Kotlin to ensure faster development and release cycles.
  • Developers can get useful components like LiveData and ViewModel for their Android App Development and use several navigation patterns as services.


The quality of Android apps highly depends on the visual appearance and superior feel for user experience. With that in mind, using quality images become crucial in app development. Picasso offers that excellence through its open-source image library, which comprises a vast range of images, tremendously effective.

Features of Picasso Image Library

  • A simple and easy-to-use library that allows loading images from remote URLs.
  • Developers do not need to code a lot to access and integrate images from servers; Picasso enables them to write just a few code lines for the same.
  • Picasso allows converting images to other formats and reduces the file size of the images.

React Native

A popular JavaScript-based toolkit, React Native is used to creating native mobile apps by combining web development languages like javascript and CSS and React. React Native is a library created by Facebook and available to developers for free with open-source licensing.

React Native makes it much simpler to create cross-platform apps with the choice of sharing the most code possible while ensuring a native user interface and user experience. React Native also significantly lowers the cost of developing apps because of its component-based architecture and maximum code reuse feature. Additionally, React Native has access to a number of native frameworks and libraries for multiple platforms.

Features of React Native

  • The native app code for every OS platform may be easily combined with the React Native code.
  • The hot reload functionality enables developers to test code changes while the program runs without having to keep reloading it.
  • You may enhance the functionality and features of your current React Native app using a number of open-source packages.

Android Retrofit

Android Retrofit is known as one of the increasingly popular libraries used for dynamic Restful API user interfaces. This library is frequently cited as one of the type-safe HTTP clients that work with Java and Kotlin projects.

Features of Android Retrofit

  • Retrofit is developed by Square, with a robust architecture that enables user authentication and accessible communication.
  • The retrofit library also ensures incredibly simple detection of web API information supplied in formats like JSON or XML.
  • Retrofit uses the dependable transport protocol OkHttp to guarantee seamless API interactions.


Dagger2 is the latest version of the well-known Dagger library, quite popular among app developers as it deals with dependency injections.

Features of Dagger2

  • This dependency injection library allows a single model to receive and combine multiple pieces from different models.
  • It can handle complex requirements for large apps demanding multiple dependency injections.
  • It offers great control and flexibility.


If you are searching for a powerful parsing library, go nowhere else than Lottie for your Android app development projects. For services such as parsing programming interfaces, Lottie will provide the easiest way possible.

Features of Lottie

  • Developers can use it for smooth animation rendering through JSON-based output of Adobe After Effect collections.
  • It allows recreating animation just by copying and pasting actions without needing to create animations from scratch.
  • Render After Effects animations natively on Android and iOS, Web, and React Native.

Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium is the most effective cross-platform development library used by almost every app development company in India. It helps build apps using JavaScript and deploy them across multiple OS platforms. This library comes with an integrated IDE so developers can build Android apps without depending on third-party tools and IDEs.

Features of Appcelerator Titanium

  • It is an entirely free and open-source library relying on JavaScript.
  • Appcelerator Titanium is the best tool for building Android apps for an emerging enterprise and extending it later across other OS platforms.


So these are some of the widely used Android app development libraries that almost every top mobile app development company prefers to use. These libraries are useful in determining the success of Android app development.

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