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Smartphones have given an edge to the competitive business world. Efforts are now being made in providing a great user experience to the customers at their fingertip, which is possible through mobile applications. Moreover, having more than 80 % of the user base, the Android operating system contributes largely to the app development industry. So both users and developers re the vast benefits of Android App Development services.

Android offers an easy platform to developers as well as users to get started. It’s an open-source technology that allows tinkering the source code to evolve new and exciting opportunities. Developers even keep finding innovative ways to develop and launch advanced apps for users. A few additions in the development method can enrich the overall process.
Here are the useful tips that developers can consider while developing their Android apps.

Useful Tips for Android App Development

Get your app’s name registered in advance
There are over 3.48 million apps in Google Play Store, and the count is increasing with each passing day. It is likely, at least one app is launched every day in the store. There could be two or more apps with the same name, offering the same business. However, it is the package name that builds their identity. So the very first thing you can start with is deciding the unique name of your app and getting it registered in the Play Store to avoid any duplication.

Research and listen to your users
Knowing your users and their needs can help you create a successful app. Detailed research about the users before getting the android app development services suggests thoughtful designing of mobile apps. Learn what your users want and expect from your business, get their feedback. You can then build the app with features around it. Even after the launch, be open to the users’ feedback and reviews so you can improve and update the user experience. Users also like when they are heard.

Learn the Android design guidelines:
Google has set certain design guidelines, commonly known as Material Design, to assist new Android developers with best practices of user interface design. You can take the help of components and tools to build beautiful, usable and faster apps. The tools are of great support, especially if you are a beginner that let you create an app with better UI/UX.

Compatibility with the latest version:
Google keep updating the versions of Android and related technologies to just make things better for its users. The apps that can sustain the change or could evolve with the changes can survive in the market, else it will crash. Hence make sure you design the app compatible with the latest version.

Make your app support multiple devices
Android apps can be used on multiple devices, which is an added benefit of using Android app development services. Thus, things like app layouts, fonts, assets, and more need to be kept in mind while designing the app. Since it might be difficult to test the app on different devices, you should rather maintain the consistency between different devices with different sizes. Use density-independent pixels (dip or DP) instead of pixels. It makes your Android app automatically calculate the correct amount of pixels based on screen size.

Ensure good testing techniques for your App
The most important part of mobile app development is testing. Make sure you never release the app without testing. A bug-free app can let you enjoy the many benefits of having an app.

Get your application tested by alpha testers and then undergo beta testing in the second phase. Ensure mitigation of flaws and discrepancies encountered during the testing phase before staging final release.

Optimize your apps with ASO:
As we discussed earlier, the Play Store is swarming with millions of apps. Making it to the top of the search list might get difficult for your app. It is important to be visible in the search result to get downloads number increasing. You can implement ASO i.e. App Store Optimization. It will boost the visibility of your app along with increasing the number of organic downloads, contributing to the success of your mobile app.

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