6 Common Mistakes in Ecommerce Website Development To Avoid

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Website Design and Development

When the world is digitally connected today, e-commerce has emerged as the best business idea. It has opened doors to many small business owners, benefiting them to grow their clientele base globally with a vast network. If you are planning to enter into the online business world anytime soon, rest assured of a myriad of benefits waiting for you.

Once you are all set to enter the online business, with a full-fledged plan like what to sell and who will be your potential customers, you need to start with building an e-store. This is the first and foremost step to establishing yourself in the digital marketplace. When you begin with your e-commerce Website Design and Development process, always keep in mind, it is not similar to regular sites. Your website would include different and specific elements aligned with your products and services.

Your business efficiency will depend a lot on how seamless your website works. The smooth functioning, easy navigation, and user-friendly features in your website decide your business performance. Of course, you won’t want to trouble your customers with frequent breakdowns of the website, slower page loading, and struggling while adding products to the cart or checking out. There can be several glitches like these likely to pose threat to your e-store reputation. Therefore, you must address any potential glitches during the e-commerce website designing process.

Here are some typical e-commerce site development glitches you need to take care of.

Inadequate Planning

Proper planning is the foundation of any project. Inadequate planning and rushed launches can make your business fail in its juvenile stage. It is essential to get your website designed with robust planning. Prepare key points for how to make it stand out from the crowd, what categories of products you are going to sell, what will be the process for sales, and how would you deal with challenges related to product shortage. Take care of every single thing in your planning and then move ahead with the web development services.

Undervaluing the Competition

In business, undervaluing your existing competitor can cost you in long term. To understand where do you stand in the market and on what areas you have to focus more, find your competitors, what they are doing and how. It will help you get insights on what challenges you might have to face in your online business, how better you can make your business from them, and what are things they are failing in, which you can integrate better into your store.

Ignoring Importance of User Interface

While getting your e-commerce website created, you need to focus on user interaction. Get a strong backend development, flawless product listing and high-end functionality for your site. It is significant to ensure how well your e-store interacts with the users and how smooth navigation it offers. Help users with the effortless product search feature. Besides features, give consideration to the fonts, color, layout and theme, don’t make them look too flashy. A user-friendly e-commerce platform is a vital need for the success of your online business. Don’t let your site visitors put in so much effort while browsing your store.

Not Picking the Right Platforms for Development and Hosting

While getting your e-commerce website ready, you also need to take care of the technical aspects. Like, the platform for website development, backend technology, server features from the hosting service provider, all these aspects matter for getting your website ready.

Overlooking the Security Aspects

Website security is crucial for flawless business through an e-commerce website. SSL certificate is something you must not miss for your e-store. Check what safety protocols your store offers for payment gateway. Build your website strong enough to prevent the risks of hacking, data breach and any such information compromise. These provisions should be included, in your store development stages themselves.

No Proper Testing Process

Never rush for the launch of your e-store until it passes exhaustive testing. Get it checked thoroughly for load time, usability testing, catalogue, display rate, checkout, transactions, every single feature of your website. Consider it as a product and test it for overall performance and usage, everything before the launch. This will help you identify all the glitches and bugs and get them rectified beforehand.


The ultimate goal of your e-commerce website is to provide a seamless experience to your users while taking your business to the next level. For that, taking care of these points is very much essential before making your e-store live. Discuss all these aspects with your web development services provider right at the initial stage. These things get easy with an experienced developer by your side.

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