Magento 2 – the platform serves a flexible shopping cart system along with the control over the content, features, and functionalities of the online stores. Since quite some time there is a question in the market is Magneto dead or the shine of the Ecommerce platform is over. However, the Magento is speed retaining the users and currently, holds more than 14% market share for e-commerce platforms.


This is all done after the launch of Magento 2 in 2015. The new and upgraded version of the open-source platform is now slowly gaining the popularity due to the following pronounced features.


Enhanced Performance

The Magento 2 is more responsive and faster than the earlier version, precisely Magento 2 runs 20% faster. This directly leads to the water sales and improves websites search engine optimization. The flexible option gives more authority to make any customized change accordingly in no time.


Optimized and User-friendly Checkout

Magento 2 is easier to manage and provides easier steps in the checkout process to the users. From cart to complete order process requires few steps and takes no time of the user. The best part is the checkout process is highly customizable and needed less customer information. Cutting down the checkout time eliminates any chance of customer to get annoyed.


Profitable Integrations

The platform has the very much needed integrations in order to complete the whole e-commerce process. Magento has the integrates to the popular extensions like PayPal and Braintree for assuring secured payment process. It also offers the integration with World Pay and Cyber source for flawless payment security.


Flexible Admin interface

Looking over the website and managing the products with the maximum productivity is a lot easier in Magento 2. The admin panel is a lot flexible and allows you to manage all the functionalities with the least time needed in order to boost up the productivity. The easy to learn interface takes no time to get familiar with the admin panel for any new user.