What is Backbone.js?

Backbone is a framework used to develop a single -page web application and based on a Model-View-Presenter design paradigm.Along with the development, Backbone.js is also responsible for keeping various part of the web application synchronized. Backbone.js is totally based on the RESTful JSON interface which let the developers think and create a complicated user interface.

The need of Backbone?

After spending much time in developing the single page web application developers understand the need for the Backbone.js framework. Developing application in jQuery has some issue that will lead you to switch to backbone.js.
? Data does not belong to ROM in jQuery
? The events are not limited
? Violates the ‘Single Responsibility Principle’ by mixing and manipulation of the data and view in the same time.
? A number of SRP issues in the structure.

What Backbone does?

Backbone is a very small library but it offers a wide range of functionalities and structure for the web application. As Backbone.js is MVC based it allows you to make your code more modular.
All the functionalities in application work on data and data need to be available in order to that data need to taken from somewhere. The data need to be fetched and it also needs to persist somewhere.The data could be changed anytime and the change needs to be validated. To validate the change you should be notified when a change in the data occurs. This is where the Backbone.js comes in the picture to serve the most require functionality that you want to keep in between all data classes. Blackbone.mode1 made all these things available in the inbox all you need to is just make and implement your own strategy.

The Takeaway

There are an endless number of frameworks available in the market for single page web application development. But Backbone is one that will serve you all the required functionalities precisely and let you structure the whole project or work.The six main components viz. Model, View, Collection, Events, Routers, Sync. makes the Backbone.js is the first choice among all.