RFID is the aberration for the Radio frequency identification and uses the small chip and antenna to transmit the electromagnetic system in order to establish the communication. The RFID is used in place of the bar code reader to detect the electromagnetic messages and information embedded on the tags. The advantage of using the RFID code reader over the other scanning modes is that it doesn’t need to put exactly in front of the tags to identify the tags. The RFID works on the basic law of electromagnetic induction and its application can be seen in many sectors. The most common of the RFID tags can be seen in the clothing, cash and other items as the attachment.

How RFID works?

The RFID is applied in the process where product information needs to be collected with wireless technology or communication. The technology basically has two components, one is the transponder and other is a receiver. The transponder is the product usually with the RFID tag that contains the information need to be transferred. The receiver which scanned the product to acquire the electromagnetic needed information on the tags.

The tag or product, receiver, and the computer works together to carry out the whole RFID technique. When the tag comes near to the receiver , the receiver transmits the signals and that induced the current within the tag which in return transfer the information to the receiver. The computer ends the communication  by converting the information and display it the user at the screen.

Applications Of RFID

The RFID is used by the various of industries in order to conduct process requires the data transfer.

Asset tracking-

In this the industries such as automobile keep tracking the assembling of the product and collect every information at various stage.

Inventory management-

The products is the inventory to manage proper especially the large number of products stores at single place.

Controlling access to confined areas-

To manage goods at the confined places ad make sure the controlling access to them.

Personnel tracking-

In order to track the personal objects.

Supply chain management-

The big industries uses the RFID to track the supply chain.

ID badging-

The ID badges in today’s corporate world are based on RFID technique.