Android mobile apps are coming at rapid speed to the Google Play Store than ever and to make sure apps are flawless it needs to tested vigorously. The virtual machine devices are the best option when needs to test any Android application. The virtual Android devices serve best in order to test the application and make sure your app has been pushed against every possible odds.

What are Virtual Android devices?

When it comes to the mobile app testing the tester needs to test the android application on a variety of devices. However, it is not possible to have all the android device and test the application every one of them. The virtual android machine is the software that helps the tester to test app on various devices virtually instead of using the real hardware device.

GenyMotion is one of the most stable Android virtual machines that help in testing and debugging the android apps. The GenyMotion is third-party programs that come with Android virtualization to test the Android mobile apps. However there other Android virtual machines available in the market that offers app testing such as Android Virtual Device Manager but GenyMotion has many advantages over all the others.

Advantages Of Using GenyMotion



The only problem with the Android virtual machines is that they are slower than the actual devices. But, Genymotion comes increased speed for testing apps as it is incorporated into the x86 architecture which gives the tester the platform with great speed to test the app.

Command console-

The other advantage Genymotion holds over AVD is that the Genymotion also has a console to type in any command manually that is needed by the tester instead of searching.


GenyMotion is preferred by the most of the mobile app tester due to its simple and accessible user interface. It also has a sidebar that allows the GPS testing, using the camera, capturing videos, changing the device’s battery level and much more.

Scrolling option-

Along with other advantages Genymotion also has small but very helpful addition scrolling the down the device using computer’s trackpad is the most effective one.