These days you must have heard about the NFC technology, the mode to transfer data or information between two devices. Samsung Pay and the Android pay are already being used by the most of the users as the payment mode.We all generally know that the technology transferred the information just by touching the devices nothing more. However, the technology has a working structure and will be explored to another extent in the coming time.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication which exactly works according to its name by establishing a short range communication among the compatible devices. This kind of transmission requires a transmitter and a receiver for completing the communication. There are two types of NFC communication one is Passive and other is Active. Where in Passive, there is one transmitter and other is a receiver, the receiver doesn’t have a power source and just transfer some information. Whereas in the Active NFC both the devices can either as transmitter or receiver to establish the communication.

How NFC works?

NFC follows the same laws just like any other wireless mode communication such as Wifi and Bluetooth of sending and receiving the information over radio waves. However, in Near Field Communication there is certain specification for the devices to follow for short range of communication.  The technology uses the same principle of electromagnetic induction used by older RFID to transmit the information. This marks the major difference between the NFC and other wireless communication such as Wifi, due to the induced current the passive device does not require the power source to send data. The data transmission in the NFC is done at the frequency of 13.56 megahertz and the speed of the data transmission is either 106,212 or 424 kilobits per second which quick enough to swipe the images other stuff across the phone devices.

Future Scope

The NFC may be a bit slower when it comes to the data transfer in comparison to other modes of communication but it has huge potential in other departments. The Android pay came out the best payment method using the phone and many companies are to use NFC as a mode to transfer data where it boosts up the process and eases the process.