Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Today, there is a well-developed app for everything and e-commerce is not one to get left behind. In fact, mobile apps are reshaping this industry.

The user’s preference is shifting to mobile shopping and by creating a robust app, the business can stay on top amidst the fierce competition. Having a fully functional site on the web is not enough for e-commerce stores. Opting for a mobile app in the brand offerings can give astonishing benefits. Listed below are some stats to support the stance:

  • A large number of mobile app users are likely to return to an e-commerce store within a short amount of time in comparison to those who access the e-commerce stores on the mobile browser.

  • Consumers enjoy mobile app rewards and perks.

  • Customers find easy to resume shopping on mobile as the cart is only a few clicks away.

Mobile apps are redefining e-commerce industry

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are taking over the e-commerce industry and for all good reasons:

Hassle-free shopping experience

E-commerce brands pays a lot of attention to the layouts and checkouts to allow users shop quickly and have all the offerings easily laid out. The simplified checkout process acts as a cherry on the cake. This has ensured a lower cart abandonment.

Better conversions

You will not be surprised to know that a large number of visitors simply leave a web page that takes longer than 5 seconds to load, which leads to a drop in the conversion rate. On the other hand, the time taken by a mobile app to complete an action is lower.

Improved source of revenue

If a recent report is to be believed, this year too mobile app will be used more for online shopping. The major reason is the ease for a consumer to look for deals and discounts on their favorite products. Also, an optimized checkout mechanism to complete the purchase.

Good customer engagement

A mobile app has enabled e-commerce stores to stay connected with their existing customers at any time. The store can promote the new arrivals and send in a push notification to bring them back to the app. It also play a vital role in recovering abandoned carts by simply creating a sense of excitement for the products.

The scenario of e-commerce has changed so much that succeeding without a great mobile app is virtually impossible. There is a huge need of an app for your e-commerce business.