Today, the mobile app industry is going through one of the most competitive phases where choosing the right framework with an apt platform and effective development strategy becomes crucial. Today’s blog will cover popular mobile app development frameworks that will surely become a major tool for the developers in 2019.

React Native

It is an open source framework that offers immense support to the IDES and other app development tools. Most of the React Native APIs are cross platform and therefore, it makes it possible to create components for one platform that work on other platforms.


This free of cost framework helps in building native based apps with a combination of CSS3, Javascript and HTML. It supports the latest mobile devices and prepares a highly robust ground for the mobile app and known as the powerful asset for the development of the progressive web apps.


It is a popular cross-platform app development framework that is written in the Dart language. It is best suited for the development of the hybrid apps. It ease the work of developers by reducing the amount of code needed to synchronize and update the app’s view. Moreover, it uses 2D rendering engine known as Skia in order to create visuals such as Material Design and Cupertino style.


It is one of the best frameworks to develop Android, iOS and Windows app by using C# codebase. You can share these codes with the help of Windows and Mac OS platforms. With the benefit of code sharing, it saves time for developers as they can code faster.

JQuery Mobile

It is an HTML based development framework that can run across all the devices with just a single code version. With this framework, you can build both mobile apps and websites and get huge support for all types of operating systems such as Blackberry, Mac OS, Windows and Firefox to name a few.

Winding Up

Undoubtedly, the frameworks are crucial driving tools for developing world-class mobile or web application. It’s important to note that every app has a different requirement and therefore, the choice of the framework should be done carefully.