If there is anything that grows at par with the arrival of several apps in the stores, it is the increasing number of programming languages. In this regard, Swift 4.0 is the major release that took place on September 19, 2017. Swift 4.0 is based on the strengths of Swift 3, delivering greater robustness and better stability, offering secure code compatibility with Swift 3. Furthermore, it is fully backwards compatible with your existing Swift code and paves the way for simple and safer code. The language has even brought in enhancements to the standard library and has additional features such as serialization and smart key paths.

Introduced in Swift 3, Swift Package Manager is known as a cross-platform tool for building Swift libraries and executables. Swift 4 introduces new workflow features and complete API for the Swift Package Manager.

  • It is possible to develop multiple packages before tagging your official release. You can even work on a branch of multiple packages together.
  • The package products are highly formalized.
  • Swift package appears in sandbox that simply prevents file system modification as well as network access, making apps more secure.

Some more information about Swift 4

Smooth Encoding and Decoding

Swift 4 has arrived with a new codable protocol through which you can serialize and desterilize custom data types without worrying about writing any special code or about losing your value types. You also have the chance to choose the way of serializing the data; you can use classic property list format or even JSON.

 Multi-line String Literals

There is nothing wrong in saying that multi-line strings in Swift has always meant adding /n inside your strings to add line breaks wherever you want them and you know that  this doesn’t look good in code. However, Swift 4 introduces new multi-line string literal syntax. Allowing you to add line breaks and simply use quote marks.

Better Dictionary Functionality

The language added some new functionality to dictionaries to make them more powerful.

One-Sided Ranges

Swift 4 introduces Python-like one sided collection slicing and the missing side is automatically inferred either the start or end of the collection. The best thing is that this has no effect on existing code and thus, you don’t have to worry about any potential breakage.

In conclusion, the team is working hard to make Swift 4 as additive as possible. Stay connected with us to know more about Swift 4.