Ionic (mobile app framework) was created by Drifty Co in the year 2013 to develop hybrid mobile apps. While native apps still require different codes in order to support different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Thus, it is good for companies to hire an Ionic consultant to simply get the hybrid app development job done. With Ionic framework, developers need less efforts and it also reduces maintenance cost. Ionic apps offer seamless performance across several platforms.

Let’s have a look at some astounding benefits of Ionic Framework

Code Reuse

The Ionic framework has the ability to reuse application code across multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Developers have the chance to use the same logic in order to develop highly robust Ionic apps.

Easy Component Creation with Ionic

Developers usually face a lot of problems while designing icons as well as splash screens for native mobile apps. This is because there is a need to consider height, width, density, device and many more and needs to manage carefully. Whereas, Ionic, make it relatively easier for app developers as they need two files with .ai, .psd or .png extension and have to add within main resource directory.

Simple to Use

The Ionic lab feature enables developing and testing of apps simultaneously. The best thing is that it quickly updates source code every time whenever a change is made during the development and testing process.

UI Design Elements

Ionic includes the finest collection of ready-made UI design elements, which are stylish and more functional. There are several CSS and JavaScript components like Sliding Menus, Buttons, Tabs and Navigation Bars etc. and they are easily adaptable for different platforms.

In conclusion, the Ionic framework has the power to develop technologically advanced hybrid apps. With Ionic, app developers can build mobile apps easily and conveniently.