PHP was first released in 1995 followed by the PHP7 version in 2014 whereas Node.js is launched in 2009. Both the languages are used as a server-based scripting language to built web-based applications.However, the Node.js is also used as for the desktop application development. The question which is better is a point of discussion among the developers after the launch of PHP7. The fight between among both the languages is a tight one but by the below points you will get to know which is perfect for you.


1.When it comes to the development the Node.js always have the upper hand. Node .js is used for the composite applications that backed by the powerful processing.on the other hand PHP is suitable for the e commerce and CMS based applications.


2.PHP has to depend on some of the front-end frameworks for the development while Node.js have no such dependency as it uses the Javascript as the language for the both frontend and backend.


3.As PHP covers most of the websites over the internet the language requires less complicated codes. Any beginner can quickly learn the basics of PHP in contrast to Node.js which is a bit complicated to learn.


4.Node.js also holds one more very much advantage over the PHP as it has a large number of hosting service provider as compared to PHP. This is the prime most reason the most of the developer go for the Node.js.


5.There is one more difference among the languages which affects their performances. The Node.js works over the dedicated host server while PHP works over shared host server which makes Node, js more easy working.


6.The area where PHP beats Node.js is the simplicity as PHP is everywhere on the internet their number of designed codes and plugins available. More than 80 percent of websites are based on PHP so it’s easy for the developers to create modify and implement any code in PHP as compare Node.js.

Final Thoughts

Node.js has the things under control and enhanced options that help it to result better than the PHP. However, the hosting service in Node.js is costly and the PHP has a large number of the libraries as compared to the Node.js, Due to these reasons, most of the peoples still stick to the PHP. Both the languages are used by a large number of codes as there are some qualties in which one lacks and another qualifies.