For a long time, we have used Java as the primary language for Android app development, but saying that this is the only and the best language would be wrong. It is seen that apart from marking its presence as a robust language, it also comes with a different set of challenges which can be deterrent for developers.

With the growing technology, different languages have started grabbing the attention of developers and Kotlin is leading this herd.

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that simply runs on the Java Virtual Machine and can be compiled to JavaScript source code. JetBrains Programmers from Russia are behind the primary development of Kotlin. The language comes with top-rated Android Support Studio and you have to just install the Kotlin Plugin and can simply watch it making the configuration for your project.

Reasons to Consider Kotlin

Minimum Coding

It has been designed in a way that it needs way less coding. In other words, the coding is around 20% less than Java.

Ease of Learning

There is no need to spend a lot of time to learn Kotlin. You just have to invest few hours in reading the language reference and you can have a grip on the language. It is designed in a way to create a gentle learning curve.


By using this programming language, you can avoid errors such as NullPoint Exceptions. With Kotlin, you can also avoid operating on nullable types, even by mistake.

Free of Cost Adoption

It is an open source language and you don’t have to spend your hard earned money. This language can be used by using a Java –to-Kotlin converter tool so as to convert your existing Java files.


The language can co-exist with Java on the same project. Due to its interoperability, Kotlin enables you to use its amazing features and ease of operation without even switching to a new project or changing the code for the current project.

By witnessing all the above-mentioned points, there is nothing wrong in saying that Kotlin can take Android app development to a new level and will completely replace traditional programming language on a massive scale.