2018 was a big year for artificial intelligence, successfully automating more functionality than ever before. Companies are increasingly exploring apps for AI, and the public has grown accustomed to interacting with the technology on a daily basis. The stage is set for AI to continue transforming the world. In 2019 the technology will grow in global prevalence, but it will also spawn deeper conversations around crucial topics, fuel innovative business models and impact society in some astonishing ways.

Here are four things that we can expect to see

More jobs created by AI than will be lost

According to Gartner, AI will be producing more jobs, which could be focused on healthcare, education and the public sector. When it comes to doctors and lawyers, AI service providers have made effort to present their technology as something which can work alongside professionals, assisting them with repetitive tasks. When it comes to financial sector, the outlook is slightly grimmer. The sector human workforce could be 30% smaller as back-office functions increasingly being managed by machines.

AI assistants will become more useful

A more clear sense of engagement with robotic intelligence comes when we interact with AI assistants, Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. In the year 2019 more of us will use AI assistant to arrange calendars, plan our journeys and order a pizza. The service will become increasingly useful as they understand the behavior better and understand our habits. AI assistants are designed to become increasingly efficient at understanding their users. By the end of 2019, we will be getting used to natural and flowing discourse with the machines.

A step towards transparent AI

The adoption of AI across wider society especially when it involves dealing with human data is hindered by the black box problem. Mostly, the working look unfathomable without a complete understanding of what it’s actually doing. To achieve the full potential, AI needs to be trusted. In 2019 we will see a huge emphasis on measures designed to increase the transparency of AI.

AI drilling deeper into every business

AI will branch out into support functions such as HR or optimizing supply chains, where decisions around hiring, firing and logistics will become increasingly informed by automation. Additionally, AI solutions for managing legal issues and compliance are also likely to be increasingly adopted. We will witness an increase in business using their data to generate streams of new revenue.

In 2019 AI will grow more powerful than ever. So get ready for an exciting year of Artificial Intelligence.