Socket.IO is considered as one of the best real-time web frameworks. As per a recent survey, it looks like everybody is building chat apps with Socket.IO. There is nothing wrong in saying that in combination with node.js, it is responsible for the number of benefits of real-time data as well as real-time interactive user experiences.

For Socket based real time tracking app there is a need of at least Node.js v0. 10.25 installed. Apart from this, you also need to download the ‘getting started’ zip and by unlocking it, you will get to see a node modules directory with all the node.js modules. Let’s get Socket.IO set up and simply create a test page that connects to the running server.

Popularity of Socket Based Real Time Tracking is Growing at a Rapid Pace

Socket.IO is a library that paves the way to simplify numerous things. It bases itself on a number of different techniques and due to this, real-time communication happens. It is highly useful for all those things that need immediate communication in a streamlined manner. Nowadays, Socket.IO is used by a large number of app development companies and according to developers, it has managed to find its way through instant messaging apps, monitoring as well as real-time analytics.

On the other hand, if you struggling with the app that includes location sharing, then need not to worry as websocket is considered as a good way to make a real time location sharing easy. However, to work with websocket you have to use socket.IO, an amazing framework. By working with this technology, you can share your location or can even track someone who is sharing location in the app in an easy way.

Choose the Best Company for Unmatched Service

Your chosen company should have the knowledge and experience to create real-time system. The firm should be able to provide customers with the right solution at the right time. So, it is important to finalize the company for socket based real time solutions after proper research.