Augmented Reality is the artificial environment that is created by mixing the elements of the digital world in the physical world of the user. Over the years, the concept of AR has been widely accepted by both users and app development companies. Since the arrival of AR apps like IKEA’s catalogue and Pokemon Go, the growth of Augmented Reality has touched the horizons of sky.

Some Major Industries Benefiting from Augmented Reality


Talking about education sector, some of the best examples of AR based apps are Chromeville Science and ZooBurst. The main motive is to make the learning process more interesting.


The gaming sector puts Augmented Reality on the scale in a broader way. Gaming apps like Pokemon Go took the market by storm because the user engagement was relatively high. Since then, a large mobile app developers have been paying attention to AR based apps. The main motive is to generate higher customer retention.


The sole purpose of developers developing AR based for this sector is purely entertainment. Today, people have become addicted to apps like and Snapchat that offer a high level of entertainment.


With AR apps, users can use the virtual fitting room to see what suits them and what doesn’t. AR is benefitting this sector as more stock can be shown virtually. Converse Shoe Sampler and Sephora are some of the examples of AR based apps in the retail sector.


AR is improving the level of treatment that the patients are receiving. Surgeons can wear AR glasses and conduct surgeries. Some examples are Saagara and AccuVein.

On the other hand, it is important to note that ARCore and ARKit are known as Google and Apple’s respective Augmented Reality frameworks for bringing a large number of AR apps to their platforms. Usage of smartphone’s camera is done in order to add interactive elements to an existing environment.

Taking a Glimpse of ARCore and ARKit

With these frameworks, developers can tap into advanced AR tools to allow for better, highly immersive and realistic AR experience.

For instance, with these tools, developers are able to add things such as motion tracking to their AR apps. These tools also enable phones to simply determine the size and position of things such as tables, chairs to give a much more realistic feel in any environment.

Popularity of AR based apps

The popularity is growing at a rapid pace and some of the major reasons are:

• It plays a vital role in enhancing the interactivity of the user between the physical and digital world.
• Users don’t have to do anything to generate any information
• All location-based information is available instantly with the help of AR devices

Wrapping Up

Till date, almost every industry and sector has been benefitting from Augmented Reality. Hence, Augmented Reality app development is seeing a great surge in today’s market. In the near future, Augmented Reality will constitutes a billion dollar industry.