So, the most awaited iPhone model arrived on Sept 12 and ended the excitement circulating since months among Apple fans. The most valuable company across the globe launched its iPhone x along with iPhone 8 and iOS 11. However, major upgrades in the new lineup of the iPhone already been leaked but still there some features that you should know. We bring you the pinpoint information about iPhone and all eminent feature of the phone.

As iPhone X is expected to change the image of iPhone that all we know since the beginning company added new hardware as well as software changes to the phone.

Features of the iPhone X

  • Edge to Edge Screen is Heart Taking– Apple first time introduced an edge to edge display into its any device. The iPhone X screen comes with an edge to edge screen that adds a tempting look to the phone. Apple said that the display is HDR and it’s the most stunning mobile screen that you have ever seen.

  • No more home button- The latest iPhone X lacks the company’s iconic home button given on every iPhone model prior to Sept 12 event. The 5.8-inch screen doesn’t have any button for the users the so, all the functionality incorporated within the touch.

  • Face ID instead of Touch ID– As the iPhone x don’t have a home button so there is no option for the touch id instead company added the face id recognition. The iPhone x will recognize your face to unlock the phone.

  • Dual lens Camera– The iPhone x is equipped with a 12MP powerful dual camera to give undefined quality images. The camera is blessed with OIS which makes up for handshaking while capturing a snap. Apple also enhanced the portrait mode by adding portrait lightning to the camera.

  • An emoji- The most interesting and fun giving update which combines the animation to the emojis. The phone mirrors your emotions to add them to a selected emoji and create an an emoji.

  • Wireless charging– The phone comes with a glass design with enables the wireless charging.