Mobile app technology has invaded almost every business sector and made App-first strategy mandatory. For swift growth of the organization and attain the maximum reach to the customers every firm regardless of business need to have a successful app.In App development java framework is a vital part of the process which lays the foundation of the app. jQuery Mobile is mostly used framework used for the web applications by the pro developers.

jQuery Mobile is basically a touch-optimized web framework, specifically a javascript library and also know as the mobile framework. In development, a framework is needed that is compatible with almost every mobile and other devices and jQuery mobile possesses the quality.

Features of jQuery Mobile

  • jQuery Mobile is compatible with all major desktop browser and all leading mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian.
  • Allows the creation of themes, makes it more attractive.
  • The framework has the limited dependencies and it’s too lightweight to optimize the speed.(12KB-compressed)
  • The Laying out pages are available with minimum scripting due to the HTML-5 driven configuration.
  • Touch-optimized UI widgets for the best experience.
  • AJAX powered pages made automatically to load the dynamic content.
  • Built on well known and reliable jQuery core.

jQuery Mobile can sort out these issue

  • Different screen sizes of devices, pixel densities (DPI) and orientations.
  • Different compatibility in terms Css3 and HTML5
  • Number hacks needed to be performed and upgrades for each platform when there is new browser comes in light.
  • Continuous introduction of new platforms in few months.(ex Windows 8, Firefox OS, Blackberry 10).

Requirements to run jQuery

The first version was released on 16th October 2016, the latest one is 1.4.5.(stable version) was coming on 31st October 2014. Before start the coding we have to decide the location to host our resources and this can be done by two approaches

1.In this one, you can host all the required files within your project. Either you can download each file or pull the ZIP package from the official repository.

2. You can use the content delivery network(CDN), with this you don’t need download every file to start working in jQuery mobile.

Just remember jQuery Mobile is not an alternative to jQuery, of people, get confused about these two. jQuery mobile only used for and affects the UI layer of the web application, it is a great framework to work with.