Nowadays, there is a mobile app for everything in which some of the categories include music, insurance, ride sharing, gaming and many more. By the time you imagine a mobile app, it is most likely available for download. However, the dilemma is that which platform to choose for developing apps.

In this regard, hybrid mobile app development is being widely preferred by a large number of developers because of providing easy methods as well as tools that paves the way for fast development and testing process. Ionic is a new framework for hybrid app development.

This framework is an AngularJS based structure that allows a developer to use the combination of several programming languages such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This enable app developers to give innovative UI and offers features which are easy to understand.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Ionic app development framework

Cross-Platform App Development

Developing an app which is compatible with several platforms is essential. The Ionic framework has the ability to use reuse application code across multiple platforms. Hence, it takes less time and effort in giving a unified look as well as feel.

UI Design Components

This framework includes the finest collection of ready-made UI design elements. A wide array of CSS and JavaScript components like Sliding Menus, Buttons, Tabs and Navigation Bars to name a few are available. The default styles are basic, smooth and are easily adaptable for different platforms.

Easy Component Creation

While designing icons and splash screens for hybrid apps, mobile app developers need to manage different elements such as height, width and density to name a few carefully. Thus, developers face a lot of difficulty in designing splash screens and icons. However, Ionic makes it a lot easier for app developers. Developers have to add two files with .ai, .png and .psd extension within main resource directory.

Use Cordova Plugins

Ionic framework application development uses Cordova plugins with the motive to help developers in accessing different components such as GPS and camera etc. Developers have the chance to use these modules to develop a great app that suits business needs.

Summing Up

Hybrid applications with Ionic have the capability to excel in this highly volatile market. With its ability to develop technologically advanced apps, it can provide user satisfaction across different platforms.