Do you want to make your taxi startup flourish by leaps and bounds? If yes, there’s nothing better than developing a complete taxi booking app solution. As a large number of people are getting connected to smartphones, they are becoming aware about the convenience and comfort offered by taxi booking apps. The users are aware of the fact that they can call and book a cab through an app even during odd hours.

Real-time tracking has indeed been identified as the biggest factor of the cab booking apps. The passenger is aware of the exact location of his hired taxi and he knows exactly after how many minutes the cab is going to arrive. You are not only able to track down the location of the driver, but you can also keep an eye on the route he is availing to reach the customer and then to drive him to his destination.

Location tracking provides many benefits

Better customer service

Live location tracking plays a vital role in improving customer service with better response time and increased productivity. The drivers that are monitored with a real-time tracking system reach the destination within the promised response time 46% more often. The improved customer service is capable of increasing the revenue by 16.4%.

Reduced unauthorized use

Fleet managers will automatically be notified by live location tracking when a vehicle is driven outside of working hours or in areas that are unauthorized. This is also one of the biggest factors that should not be overlooked.

Theft recovery

In case of vehicle theft, the biggest benefit of real time tracking is locate and recover stolen vehicle in a hassle-free manner. When you use the vehicle location tracker, you can give the local police the real-time position of the car.

Mileage logbook

Owners don’t have to rely on drivers to record all of their mileage logs or job arrival departure logs. This is because all the information will be automatically calculated by the real-time tracking system.

Better productivity

Taxi apps that are using real-time tracking system increase the amount of service calls per day by approximately 20%. With live tracking, owners can identify their drivers that are not operating their vehicle efficiently. When drivers know they are being closely monitored, they operate the vehicle efficiently and they are more likely to take the most direct routes.

A well-developed taxi booking app with live location tracking can help you explore the opportunities while offering you a competitive edge over traditional taxi service providers.