If you are a developer or thinking to jump in the market, then you need to know the best programming language or framework for the app development. if you haven’t tried the Angular yet then you are missing the most flexible app development language in the world. Angular JS is a JavaScript base open- source front -end web application web application framework.


Here are the 5 reasons that put Angular JS above all in app development.


1. Filters Provide Flexibility

Filters give you the power to arrange the work accordingly which shorten the time period and labor as well. With the help of filters, you can reverse the order of array, formatting decimal places on a number, filtering an array on a basis of a parameter. Filter sort the data before they reach the view.


2. MVC, Self-Operational

In most of the languages, you need to split your MVC components and then write the code to bind them together. However Angular only ask you to split the MVC components and do the rest of work by itself. It manages the MVC and also provides a pipeline to connect them.


3. Testing Unit is More Reliable

The testing is the most commendable feature which attracts most of the developers. The whole Angular is connected by the (DI)Dependency Injection. DI manages all controllers and scopes which allow the testing unit of Angular to put mock data by disrupting. Testing of all the controllers is done by the Angular without any extra effort needed.


4. Interface Is More Declarative

Angular has the HTML language to share the user interface of your app. The HTML serves as the most intuitive and user-friendly way to define the interface without any complex breaks.


5. Less Code is Required

The main advantage of all the attributes of the language is you need write very fewer codes for the developing. In Angular. You don’t need to write your own MVC pipeline along with the data-binding that saves you from putting the data in view manually.