You have finally developed an app. You love the design, app icon, and it works flawlessly on every device. Also, the niche you found is unexplored, but there is only one big problem, no one is downloading your app.

Many developers encounter this problem after they publish their apps, but don’t be discouraged. If you have built an app you definitely want the world to use. With the little effort and right know-how, you can bring your app to the attention of the masses.

Let’s have a look at some amazing ways to increase your app downloads effectively:

Improve App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is known as the process of improving the visibility of an app in the store by optimizing each metadata element such as app title, keywords and descriptions to name a few. The motive is to make the app more visible in the charts and increase its discoverability. This will help app users to find the app in the store, and consequently, the number of downloads will increase in a natural way.

Some of the ways to improve ASO

  • Focus on keywords. The App Store has 100-character keyword field and this means that it exclusively uses title and keyword phrases you include in 100 characters. Hence, it is important to use all the allotted characters and carefully research your keywords to maximize organic traffic. On the other hand, Google Play Store gives 4,000 character to describe it in a good way.
  • Include relevant keywords in your title. In order to make sure that your app is easily identified, keep the title short. It is crucial to use only URL-friendly characters in your title.
  • Make sure to write a compelling description. Describe its benefits in simple and concise language. It should be viewed as a call-to-action and should convince your potential customers that it meets their needs.
  • Screenshots drive downloads. In this regard, upload up to 5 screenshots for an iOS app and up to 8 for an Android app. They should show pivotal features. Try to show customers what they can expect during everyday use.

Build Online Presence

Create a unique website and landing page for your app. This will help you spread useful content about your app. Try to use the URL of website and landing page in all your communications. Additionally, you can also create a specific blog page, which would be a part of your website and landing page. You can include some crucial information and features.

Make it Free at Launch

Another best way to get more downloads is to make your app free at launch. If it is already live on the store as paid, make it free for a few days. This will definitely generate curiosity and drive more downloads.

Ask to Rate & Review your App

Users will be more tempted to download the app if it has a good reputation. If you have bad reviews or a low number of reviews and ratings, the conversion rate will be very low. Google Play Store and App Store take reviews and ratings into the account to just rank apps. Hence, in case of multiple negative reviews, app can be strongly penalized.

When it comes to encouraging users to rate and review your app, use push notifications at the right time. Undoubtedly, you can avoid negative reviews and ratings by providing pleasant experience to your users.

Put your App in the Limelight

Try getting other people to talk about your app as this will reinforce your brand awareness and reputation, which leads to more downloads. In this regard, you can draft a complete Press Release that includes some visual and written material.

Wrapping Up

No matter how wonderful your app is, if you don’t put sufficient effort into promoting it, no one will ever download it. If you follow these tips and best practices, you’ll see a considerable boost in downloads and app store rankings.