Google launched the Android Oreo back at this year’s I/O developer conference along with the ARCore, the kit to develop augmented reality apps. The company updated the platform with many new features and some changes. Now, the search giant is coming up with the Android 8.1 in December, however, the developer preview of the Android Oreo 8.1 is already available. Here the 5 new features Google added to the Android Oreo in the upgraded Android Oreo 8.1 version

1. Automatic Light and Dark Theme

The Android 8.1 is coming with the update to the theme color with automatic support. Now, you don’t need to switch between the light and dark theme to match it with your wallpaper the Android will take care of that. The feature will automatically adjust the theme according to the wallpaper you set.

2. Battery Level For The Bluetooth Connected Devices

With the help of this new feature the Android users now will be able to see the battery on the quick setting panel. Earlier, to this update, you need to go to the settings to the battery level of the device connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

3. Redesigned Settings App

Now within the Android Oreo 8.1, you will find a search bar at the top in the settings app. This will allow the users to access any settings of the phone just by typing searching in the app. Along with this, some of the settings options are also rearranged in the list.

4. New Oreo Easter Egg For Users

Following its tradition of giving new Easter egg with every update, the company kept its promise this time also. In the beta version of the Android 8.1 by tapping the Android version in the settings continuously you will reveal an Oreo with a bug-droid embedded inside.

5. Only One notification per second for the apps now

The most prominent feature of the Android 8.1 is that puts a curb on the notifications that your phone catches after getting connected to the internet after a while.With the update now the apps are allowed to give only one notification tone per second regardless of the number of notifications.