Yii 2 is the later version of the Yii the PHP- framework used to develop a web application. The Yii2 is simple, fast and contains a number of features that help in building a web application. Yii2 inherits the true behavior of Yii of being simple and fast along with some additional benefits and features. Yii is the acronym for the Yes it is! It means ‘simple and evolutionary’ in Chinese.

Here are 4 reason that makes the Yii 2 the first choice when it comes to deciding the PHP framework for web applications.

1. Installation is easy and simple

The developers are always on the edge when it comes to the time period of the project. They need to do everything with lightning fast speed as time is money for them so they don’t want waste time on long and complicated installation. Yii 2 comes with very fast easy installation process which requires very less time.

2. Compatible with all modern technologies

Yii2 is the most modern technology compatible PHP framework to build an application with. Yii2 is totally an OOP framework that leverages the PHP’s most advanced feature including late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.

3. Incorporates Testing Ability

Yii 2 is one of the best frameworks that is proven by its integration with testing framework Codeception. Codeception is the testing framework that helps in creating a unit, functional and acceptance tests for your application.With the use Codeception, it is very simple to configure your application during testing just edit the give /tests/_config.php file to configure the test application.

4. Security features

The security of the web application is a crucial part of the whole development process and Yii 2 is fortunately rich with security features.

  • The framework creates a password hash for you, Yii2 helps the developer in creating a secured has a random salt and password.
  • Password validation allows the developer to check whether user given passwords matches the hash or not.
  • It also allows generating random string of any length.