Imagine a scenario where you want to search for some data online while doing multitasking and couldn’t type the text. This scenario can be eradicated by using the opportunity to conduct voice search. If a report is to be believed, 71% of respondents would rather use voice assistant to search for something than typing their queries in the search field.

At first, the feature could be accessed only in English. Today, there is a choice of about 60 languages supported by Google Voice Search. With voice search, people typically ask a long question.

If you want your website rank higher for voice queries, here are some crucial factors to undertake in 2019.

Long tail keywords

When searching for information through voice assistant, people behave as if they are talking to a human. This means that there is a need to use more conversational keywords and phrases that people use while speaking. These will be long-tail keywords but phrased in the way people speak.

Optimize content for answering

What’s the biggest reason for using the Internet apart from watching memes and cute videos? Mostly you are searching for information. As mentioned above, those using voice search are more likely to use long-tail keywords. To capitalize on this growing trend, you need to accumulate as many questions about your industry as possible and then come up with the more voice-optimized content.

Optimize content layout

It is crucial to structure your content so that Google can easily identify it and take it into said answer box. Think about paragraphs, bulleted or numbered list, charts and FAQ content.

Understand the language

There’s a huge difference in how people formulate voice searches versus how they construct text-based search queries. When you’re typing something into a search engine, you are stringing keywords together and it is seen that most of the sites are optimized for that type of search. But when you’re talking to a human-sounding machine, you might ask your device, “Where can I find the best Pasta Restaurant near me?” This means Italian restaurant need to optimize the content for such type of search. This can be done by including long phrase keywords and complete sentences that answer specific questions.

In the era of voice, content, search, creative and technology have important roles to play. If you want to stay ahead of this riding tide, team up with the right people in your organization and begin developing the optimized content. This will power your voice search strategy in the near future.